World Safety & Health Day at Continental

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Today is recognized around the world as World Day for Safety and Health at work and this year’s theme is Act together to build a positive safety and health culture. Understanding how to positively affect employees’ lives is an important part of every workplace.

Employees who come into work feeling fatigued are at a higher risk of experiencing a workplace injury. Continental Currency Exchange recognizes the workplace safety risks that burnout can cause, and to help employees balance their mental health with work, we have created new policies and benefits.

Continental Currency Exchange is proud to be a leader within our industry and strives to establish an environment that prioritizes employee mental health. We offer full coverage benefits; we firmly believe a healthy employee helps promote safety within the workplace. Through our comprehensive benefits package, all employees have access to free counselling. All employees can face hardships outside of the company and it is important that they have support, and by offering free counselling, all employees have the ability to get professional mental aid when needed.

We also know that sometimes staff just need a break, and that is why we have introduced our paid Wellness Day. We want our employees to be able to have the comfort of knowing that when they feel overwhelmed that they don’t have to choose between sacrificing their mental health or their paycheck and that CCE is committed to helping.

In the spirit of world Safety and Health in the workplace day, Continental embraces the International Labour Organization’s tenet of focusing on enhancing social dialogue towards a culture of safety and health.