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Why You Should Take A Sisters Vacation

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Not sure whether to travel with friends or with family? Try travelling with your sister! She’s the best of both worlds. There are countless reasons why your sister is the best travel buddy you can find and why a sisters vacation is exactly what you need. Here are just a few:

You Know Exactly What You’re Getting Into

You probably lived with your sister for at least the first couple of decades of your life. You know her routines, you’ve seen her at her best and worst, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Unlike travelling with friends, you won’t discover any disgusting habits or annoying quirks. So, when you’re stuck in an airport because your flight was delayed, or your Airbnb is as small as a shoebox, you know exactly how she’ll react and you’ve been training your whole life to handle her. You’ll also be very comfortable talking about money, bodily functions, wants, and needs because you’ve been doing it your whole life!

You’ll See A New Side Of Her

While there won’t be any bad behavioural surprises, you just might discover a new side of your sister (and yourself) while you’re on vacation (travel has a way of opening our minds and changing us). You’ll grow together, learn things about each other, and reconnect in a fun, adventurous, and exciting way. Plus, without your parents and the rest of your family, you’ll both be free to be more open and silly!

She Has Your Back

As your best friend and sister, she’ll never leave you stranded in a bar or a foreign country (because she always has your back… but also because your parents will kill her if she does). You can rest assured your sister is looking out for you and making sure you’re safe, comfortable, and happy while you travel (and always).

You Can Pack Light

Remember when sharing your wardrobe with your sister was the most annoying thing ever? Travelling is the exception to the rule since you can pack light and swap outfits as you travel. Save money in checked baggage fees and energy as you haul around your backpacks by packing light by coordinating your suitcase wardrobe with your sister.

Your Parents Will Thank You

Knowing you’re travelling with your trustworthy sister will save your parents a lot of worrying. Plus, every parent loves seeing their kids getting along and spending time together, so a sister’s vacation will warm their hearts too. Who knows, maybe they’ll be so happy they even help finance the trip!

It’s Good For Your Relationship

Travelling with your sister is just about the best quality time you could ask for. It’s a great chance to bond and catch up without the rest of your family getting in the way. It’s an awesome chance for much-needed one-on-one time. You’ll also come out of the vacation with some great stories to tell your kids or future kids!

It’s Good For Your Mental Health

Travelling is good for you! Many people who travel are happier and healthier. A fun vacation with the best travel partner you could have might just be exactly what you need!

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