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Week in Review: November 16 – November 22

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This week at the Current we journeyed to the mountains of Peru, supplied some useful travel tips, looked into currency exchange in the Toronto area, and more. As always, catch up on what you missed with our Week in Review.


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Peru was our Country of the Week. We discussed the long history of this fascinating country from the Inca Empire all the way to the modern era. Learn more HERE.

In our Travel Guide we explored ancient ruins, massive cities, and everything in between. Peru offers more than you could possibly imagine. Get our guide HERE.

Our Currency Spotlight delved into the Peruvian nuevo sol while also providing a short crash course on the economy as a whole. Become a Peruvian currency expert HERE.

24 Travel Tips

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From the basic (getting out of bed) to the important (emergency contacts), we collected some of the best travel tips money can buy! For things to keep in mind on your next trip, look no further than HERE.

Exchanging Currency in Toronto

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You might have a few options for getting cash prior to your next trip, but Continental Currency Exchange continues to be your best option! Discover why we’re the go-to source for all your currency needs in the Toronto area HERE.


Every week we round up the biggest business stories from around the world in Headlines. This week: a deficit in Canada, Nikkei hits a high, and much more HERE.

Looking Ahead

Next week we’re heading all the way to Eastern Europe. Beyond that, look for more of the great stories you’ve come to expect!

Remember to follow the Current for all the latest on Continental Currency, travel, business and more. But if you do miss anything, check in every Sunday for our Week in Review and stay informed, stay Current.