Week in Review: February 2 – February 8

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The inaugural week of the Current has been exciting. We’ve had some really great feedback and are excited to build on this fantastic start. If you missed the boat then don’t fret, every Sunday we will roundup the best stories from the previous week.

The Continental Current is Alive

We started the blog with an introduction. “We are experts in the business, featuring over 17 retail branches across southern Ontario and a cutting edge corporate and commercial trading platform. On The Continental Current you’ll get our expert opinions, advice, and travel experience on a wide range of topics that will help you travel easier and experience the world any way you want”

Country of the Week: United States of America


In what will be a weekly segment going forward, we brought you the people and places of the USA. While a familiar choice – being Canada’s neighbour to the south – we wanted to explore what makes America tick. Next week, we’re going back to the dawn of Western civilization so break out your history books and check in with us on Monday.

Why Buy Before You Fly?


Then we proved just how much you stand to save when you buy before you fly. “Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go… One problem, you forgot to buy your currency! It’s a common issue that could leave you using your credit card and falling into debt, or even worse putting you at the mercy of the terrible exchange rates and service fees of the not so friendly airport foreign exchange business.”

Check out the link and see for yourself just how much you could save next time you exchange currency.

5 Stories to Watch in 2015


Next we looked to the year ahead and tried to identify 5 big stories that could develop in 2015. Eventually we concluded that “Russia, Europe, Syria, Nigeria and US will likely play host to some of the most dramatic stories of 2015. The only thing we can be certain of however, is that 2015 will be as unpredictable as 2014.”

Top 10 Attractions to See in 2015


It wasn’t all serious. We took time to identify some of the most exciting new attractions from around the world. This year only one North American attraction made the list – the One World Trade Center Observatory. London and Paris were both represented on the list but the remaining 7 attractions were all in Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Canada’s New Passport

The Fathers of Confederation Having a Rave

The Fathers of Confederation Having a Rave

Canada’s new ePassport was well represented this week. We looked at the features and advantages of the new passport, how to apply for one and looked into a hidden feature.

Looking Forward

As we move into the second week of the Current we’ll bring you more of the stories that matter, in a wide range of topics. Next saturday is Valentine’s Day, so count on us having a few things up our sleeve throughout the week to celebrate. As we go forward remember – stay informed, stay Current.