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Week in Review: March 23 – March 29

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This week at the Current we took a trip down to the southern tip of Africa. We also delved into the possibility of an ongoing currency war and took a look at some of the best restaurants on earth.

South Africa

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South Africa was our Country of the Week. We took a look at South African history – from the founding of Cape Town by the Dutch through apartheid and into the 21st century. South Africa has a rich and diverse culture, unique in both Africa and the world. READ MORE

With our Travel Guide, we focused on some of the must-see places in South Africa. From beautiful Cape Town to the historic Robben Island prison – there’s a huge wealth of options on where to begin your trip. Or if you want, you can just relax in the Winelands. READ MORE

With our Currency Spotlight this week, we focused on the South African rand. Used since 1961, the rand has experienced several ups and downs, always mirroring the domestic affairs of the country. Find out more about the history, value, denominations, and economy of the rand and South Africa as a whole. READ MORE

The Currency War

Currency_war_week in review

This week we also took some time to examine whether or not we’re in a global currency war. Recently, there have been numerous predictions and reports hinting that we could be moving towards currency warfare (or perhaps we’re already in the trenches). Discover what a currency war is, who would be involved, and whether or not the battle is currently raging on. READ MORE

Top 5 Restaurants in the World

gourmet_meal_top 5 restaurants in the world_week in review

Earlier this week we also took a look at some of the best restaurants in the world. These aren’t the places where you can get a great meal on a budget, these are 3 Michelin star establishments run by master chefs. From the USA to England and Monaco to Japan, these top level establishments are spread all across the world. Find out what a few hundred bucks will get you and start saving for that perfect meal today! READ MORE

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Lastly, as always, we’ve rounded up the most important stories from the business world into one simple post. This week in ‘Headlines’ deflation is in the air, the US economy grew, Nintendo is branching out, and more. READ MORE

Looking Forward

Next week we’re heading back to Europe – the Iberian Peninsula to be exact. Beyond that, look for more of the great stories you’ve come to expect!

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