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Week in Review: May 30 – June 5

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This week at theCurrent we explored a divided country that is absolutely fascinating in more ways than one, set the stage for one of the summer’s main events, compared the cost of wires, and more! As always, catch up on what you missed with our Week in Review.


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Cyprus was our Country of the Week. We explored the history of this fascinating Mediterranean island from before the Romans all the way to the current division between the Turkish North and Greek South. Learn more HERE.

Our Travel Guide discovered the beautiful beaches, picturesque mountain villages, vibrant cities, and ancient ruins that dot the Cypriot landscape. It’s easy to see why Cyprus is such a popular destination! Start your journey HERE.

Once again, we circled back to the euro in this week’s Currency Spotlight. While the Turkish lira may be used throughout Northern Cyprus, the euro remains the official currency of the country. Read more HERE.

Guide to the Copa América Centenario

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This week the Copa América Centenario kicked off! The best national soccer teams in the Americas are travelling to the United States for a nearly month long tournament sure to be high on skill and drama. Find out who to watch for and where you can see live matches HERE.


Every week at theCurrent we bring you the world’s biggest business stories. This week: Brazil suffers an economic slowdown, possible rate rise in the US, and more HERE.

Looking Ahead

Next week we’re going on a grand adventure to a beautiful, yet sparsely populated country. Beyond that, look for more of the great stories you’ve come to expect!

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