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Week in Review: January 11 – January 17

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This week at the Current we explored the under-appreciated country of Colombia, looked ahead to the potential major stories of 2016, let you know where to travel on a low loonie, and more! As always, catch up on what you missed with our Week in Review.


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Colombia was our Country of the Week. We discussed everything including pre-Colombian civilization, the darker days of the latter 20th century, and the great strides the country has made recently. Learn more HERE.

In our Travel Guide we discovered just how much variety there really is in Colombia. Vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, warm waters and beaches – the list goes on! See where you should go for your next vacation HERE.

Our Currency Spotlight condensed the long history of currency in Colombia to a manageable size. Learn more about the denominations, designs, value, and economy as a whole HERE.

Stories to Watch in 2016

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2015 was certainly a busy year in the business world, but 2016 might make even more waves! We took a look at what could be some of the biggest stories of the coming year. From low oil to Canada’s housing market – it’s all HERE.

Where to Travel on a Low Loonie

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So the Canadian dollar may not be at its best, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a wealth of places you can visit on the cheap! In that spirit, we put together a list of the 6 best places to travel on a low loonie. Find out where to start HERE.


Every week we round up the biggest business stories from around the world in Headlines. This week: Iranian sanctions are lifted, Walmart to close stores across the globe, and more HERE.

Looking Ahead

Next week we’re hopping on a plane and heading all the way to Southeast Asia. Beyond that, look for more of the great stories you’ve come to expect!

Remember to follow the Current for all the latest on Continental Currency, travel, business and more. But if you do miss anything, check in every Sunday for our Week in Review and stay informed, stay Current.