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Week in Review: November 30 – December 6

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This week at the Current we visited ancient ruins and vibrant cities in fascinating Italy, delved into the works and lives of the greatest Renaissance artists, reiterated the importance of travel agents, and more. As always, catch up on what you missed with our Week in Review.


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Italy was our Country of the Week. We relived its long and enthralling history all the way from the days of the Roman Republic to the modern era. There’s so much to discover we could barely fit it all in! Learn more HERE.

Our Travel Guide had the unenvious task of narrowing down the wealth of sights and cities in Italy to just a few. Ancient history, great food, picturesque landscapes, exciting cities, and more await you HERE.

Our Currency Spotlight this week revisited one of the world’s most unique currencies – the euro. While problems in the eurozone remain, it can’t be denied that the monetary union is still as important as ever. Read more HERE.

The Great Artists of Italy

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From Da Vinci to Bernini, the Italian Renaissance brought us some of the world’s greatest ever painters, sculptors, and architects. These are the men who truly exemplified the best of the era, and their works are still celebrated and studied to this day. Jump into the world of art HERE.

Why Travel Agents Matter

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Planning a vacation can be a hassle. That’s why travel agents are here to help you out every step of the way. With travel agents, you an be assured that you’re getting the best value for your choice destination. See more HERE.


Every week we round up the biggest business stories from around the world in Headlines. This week: the ECB stimulus decision, Facebook donation, a verdict in coal case, and much more HERE.

Looking Ahead

Next week we’re changing gears and heading to Southeast Asia. Beyond that, look for more of the great stories you’ve come to expect!

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