Week in Review: August 3 – August 9

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This week at the Current we went on an amazing safari to Tanzania, revisited our road trip across the United States, and more! As always, catch up on what you missed with our Week in Review.



Tanzania was our Country of the Week. We looked at its fascinating history from pre-colonial, to the rule of different European powers, to one of Africa’s more successful countries in the modern day. See more HERE.

In our Travel Guide we discovered the wealth of options Tanzania has for any visitor. Cities, beaches, and some of the best natural areas (and wildlife) in the world are all in easy reach. Get our guide HERE.

Our Currency Spotlight broke down the basics of the Tanzanian shilling and the economy as a whole. As the currency since 1966, it has been a constant for the East African nation. Read more HERE.

Travel Guide: United States


If you missed any of our United States Travel Guides, you can follow our entire trip from start to finish! From the coast of Maine to Big Sur, we explored every nook and cranny of this wondrous country. Get some gas in your car and start your road trip HERE.

$10 Money Transfers


Tomorrow is August 10th, so you know what that means – it’s 10 on 10! Visit any of our branches tomorrow and you can send money transfers around the world for just $10! Remember, this deal only lasts for one day, so take advantage of it while you can! See more HERE.


Every week we round up the biggest business stories from around the world in Headlines. This week the US adds jobs, we discuss what the low loonie could mean for the Canadian economy, and much more HERE.

Looking Ahead

Next week we’ll head back down south to a hidden gem of South America! Beyond that, look for more of the great stories you’ve come to expect!

Remember to follow the Current for all the latest on Continental Currency, travel, business and more. But if you do miss anything, check in every Sunday for our Week in Review and stay informed, stay Current.