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Voluntourism: Travel & Make a Difference

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Voluntourism has been booming in the past couple of decades. The industry, combining volunteering with tourism, offers participants the chance to visit another country and experience a different culture, while also doing a bit of good while they’re at it. While making donations to legitimate charities can often be just as effective, if you’re looking for a more hands-on opportunity to give back, here are five great organizations worth looking into!


If you’re passionate about environmental causes, GO ECO is a great organization to look into. Offering fantastic opportunities for voluntourists to make a contribution to the local communities, wildlife and environment that they visit. What’s more, GO ECO’s projects combine excellence with affordability, making them an incredibly accessible way to volunteer in many locations around the world.

American Hiking Society

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The American Hiking Society is another organization that offers great opportunities for voluntourism. Get out into the great outdoors and improve and maintain trails across the United States. You’ll come home relaxed and de-stressed, and your work helps ensure more people have better access to the outdoors, and through advocacy you can help protect the natural spaces you love! 


Putting volunteers like you in contact with hosts around the world, WWOOF is a fantastic organization that promotes cultural exchange, sustainability and education. Learn more about organic farming worldwide and get back in touch with the land!

Global Citizen Year

While it definitely comes with a price tag (financial aid is available for those who need it!), Global Citizen Year provides excellent international experiences for high school graduates. Interested in taking a gap year before you start university, college or an apprenticeship? Global Citizen Year focuses on developing leadership and language skills while living with a host family and getting involved in local projects. As such, it is an excellent opportunity for youth to develop skills with professional and real-world applications while building a global network that will last for life.

Habitat for Humanity – Global Village Project

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Help make a difference by working with local communities to build affordable housing around the world! But the Global Village Project offers more opportunities than just building. With Habitat for Humanity you can work on policy advocacy, disaster relief, energy efficiency projects and assisting vulnerable populations like children and the disabled. 

Check out RWFL for a great project Continental staff have gotten involved with!

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