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How to Get and Take Advantage of our Student VIP Card

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Continental understands the financial stressors of academia – that’s why we offer a Student VIP Card! With our VIP card, students get even better exchange rates, no fees on cash transactions, and no fees on international tuition payments. Here’s how you can get the Student VIP Card and take advantage of it!

How to get it

  1. Be a student – high school or post-secondary, college, university, whatever! Just be a student.
  2. Visit one of our branches with your student card and sign up.
  3. Once you’ve signed up, you can choose if you want the physical VIP card or you can skip the plastic with a digital membership.
  4. Start saving!

How to take advantage of the VIP card

There are endless possibilities of the things you can do with your Student VIP Card! Here are a few of our ideas:

Make the most of Reading Week/March break

student road trip

Take advantage of your week off school and get exploring. With our VIP exchange rate, your shopping trip to the States, or a relaxing beach vacation in Mexico will be even more affordable.

Study Abroad

graduate abroad

Many students dream of doing a semester abroad, but often don’t think it’s financially feasible. As a Student VIP, you don’t have to pay an extra fee to make tuition payments abroad and you can get the cash you’ll need at an exclusive rate.

Do a co-op work term or internship abroad

work abroad

If you’re in a co-op program, why not expand your job pool all over the world? Learning a skill from a different cultural point of view would be an invaluable experience. Plus, it looks impressive on your resume and gives you an excuse to travel! Apply for a co-op work term abroad and visit Continental before you leave to get all the cash you need for a work-term abroad.

Make the most of summer

students summer fun

Whether you’re in high school and get a two-month break, or in university and get four months, students get the longest summer there is! It’s the perfect time to travel. Months-long breaks are hard to come by when you’re adulting at a real job after graduation – so, take advantage of it! Backpack across Europe or road-trip through the States. Whatever your dream journey is, the Student VIP Card can help make it happen.

Visit family

student with grandma

If you have family abroad, the Student VIP Card can help get you to your family reunion, get you home for Christmas, or get you that much-needed hug from Grandma. Students are under a lot of stress, and sometimes reconnecting with your roots is just what you need.

Visit your friends

student meet friend abroad

You remember your roommate from first-year who did a study abroad in Switzerland and never came back because they loved it so much? Go visit them! Exploring the world is more fun with friends, so if you have a friend anywhere abroad, why not sleep on their couch and adventure with them?

Learn more about the Student VIP Card and pick one up at your nearest branch today!

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