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Check out our Updated Categories!

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Have you noticed something different? Well if you haven’t, we’ll just cut right to the chase – we’ve updated the categories on theCurrent. Why did we do this you might ask? To make it easier than ever for our readers to find the quality original content they’re looking for without any extra hassle.

Check out each of our new categories below to find out what they cover.



Okay, this first one isn’t a category – but rather a link to our ‘Continental’s Countries’ database. This ever growing collection of Country Profiles, Travel Guides, and Currency Spotlights is your go-to source for history, culture, destinations, foreign exchange, and more! We wanted to make it as easy as possible to find this page – so here you go! LINK

Continental Connection

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Our ‘Continental Connection’ category remains generally the same. Here you’ll find out more about all of Continental Currency Exchange’s amazing services, deals, promotions, and more. The only difference is that the ‘Week in Review’ is no longer found here – meaning it’s even more simple to find out about saving money with Continental! LINK



Our ‘Travel’ category remains as amazing as ever – with adventures and stories from all over the world finding a home here. Guides, best of lists, international cuisine, tips to save, personal travel diaries – you get the gist. LINK

Business and Currency

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When it comes down to it, currency is our bread and butter (it’s in the name after all). Our new ‘Business and Currency’ category takes ‘Business’ and ‘Personal Finance’ and combines them into one comprehensive database. You’ll get recurring posts like ‘Headlines’ and ‘FX 101’ as well as much more from the wide world of foreign exchange and beyond. LINK


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The mother of all-inclusive categories, ‘Life’ includes everything that doesn’t fit into the above – as well as anything that might have been found in our old ‘Boost’ and ‘World Events’ categories. Holidays, uplifting news, non-financial events, and our Week in Review are all located here. You can also find exciting news related to theCurrent in ‘Life’ – case in point, this article. LINK

So those are our new categories. Just choose whichever one sounds most interesting to you and start exploring!

Stay informed. Stay Current.