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5 Best Tropical (and Subtropical) Destinations for Snowbirds to Retire

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After many seasons of flying back and forth, some snowbirds choose to make their vacation permanent and retire in the sun. If you’re thinking of migrating south for retirement  (not just the winter), here are some of the top destinations for Canadian snowbirds to retire in.

Adelaide, Australia

Vineyard in Adelaide, Australia

While Australia may be too far away for some retiring snowbirds, there are lots of reasons it’s the perfect retirement destination. Australia has similar roots to Canada; both began as British colonies and are now independent and thriving English-speaking countries. The exchange rate for CAD to AUD is also favourable, so after you drop the money for the expensive plane ticket, you get a lot of bang for your buck once there. Adelaide is a senior-friendly beach town in the heart of wine country. It boasts hot and dry summers and mild winters. Additionally, Adelaide is much more affordable than Sydney, Melbourne, or other big Australian cities. If your idea of the perfect retirement destination includes wine and warmth, then Adelaide is for you!

Boquete, Panama

Rainbow in Boquete, Panama

Boquete has a well-established retiree and expat population, making it an easy transition for retiring snowbirds. Panama is growing as a retirement destination – which means plenty of real estate opportunities to buy low and grow in value. Panama is close (about a 5-hour plane ride from Toronto), relatively safe with low-crime rates and free from hurricanes and earthquakes, and has perfect weather (Boquete is famous for its stunning rainbows). It is also very easy to obtain a Retiree Visa as the government encourages people to retire there. Boquete is filled with art, life, great shopping, – and, it’s close to the beach! What more could you, the active retiree, ask for in a retirement city?

Mobile, Alabama

Gulls on beach in Mobile, Alabama

When thinking about retiring in the States, your mind probably jumps to Florida, or maybe Texas. Many other people also make this assumption, which is why Florida can charge an arm and a leg for housing. Houses and property taxes in Mobile are much more affordable, and the climate is just as good. Mobile is rich in history and culture. Situated right on the beach, Mobile is the perfect place for retirees hoping for great fishing or sunbathing – just watch out for alligators! Why not consider the Heart of Dixie as a retirement destination?

George Town, Malaysia

street in George Town, Malaysia

Forbes recently acknowledged George Town as one of the best places in the world to retire. It has a large English-speaking expat population and several social organizations and clubs dedicated to introducing those expats. The estimated expat population is over 40,000. The climate in George Town is hot and the temperature hovers around 27 degrees Celsius every day of the year. Aside from the good weather, the great food is the other top attraction. George Town is a foodie’s paradise. The best part? Restaurants are usually pretty cheap, so you can enjoy great food without spending too much money. In fact, George Town is very affordable in general and you can easily live there for about $1,000/month – making it an ideal city to retire in.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Docks in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Unlike other Central American countries, Guatemala is relatively free from huge crowds of tourists and Lake Atitlan is even more isolated. Surrounded by mountainous volcanoes, the crystal blue waters of Lake Atitlan are sure to take your breath away. With lots of hikes or leisurely trails, sunshine, and gorgeous views, Lake Atitlan is the picture of tranquillity. The climate is described as “eternal spring.” Plus, life in Guatemala is incredibly affordable. If small-town life in paradise is for you, you’ll find no better place to retire than Lake Atitlan – one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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