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The Best Tropical Destinations for the Budget Traveller

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There are plenty of beautiful and interesting destinations to be found in the tropics. But while many tropical locales can be considered cheap when compared to our dear northern home, some places stand out more than others. So keep reading for the eight best tropical destinations for the budget traveller!


cartagena colombia church city

Colombia has calmed down a great deal in recent years, and despite its turbulent history, it is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination. Do the least bit of research and you’ll see why: great food, beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, fantastic climate. The list just goes on and on! With an average daily cost of $25.00 Canadian, Colombia is an absolute dream for the traveller on a budget!


Puerto Vallarta Mexico church ocean city

While prices can differ depending on where and how you find yourself travelling, Mexico remains for many an enticing destination with an attractive blend of charming colonial architecture, lively cities, incredible beaches and stunning nature. Not to mention the food! Whatever your budget, Mexico has something for everyone.


machu picchu peru sunset mountains ruins

Cheap and plentiful hostels, interesting cuisine, beaches, mountains, deserts, and of course: Machu Picchu! Peru certainly has a lot on offer! Despite the high cost of the train and admission to Machu Picchu, the country, in general, is quite inexpensive and highly worth the trip!


ganges river boats city india

One of the most populated regions on the planet, India is packed-full of life, diversity, history, culture, food, and so much more. While the cost of living will vary depending upon where you find yourself, if you’re looking for an exciting, yet affordable destination, India is definitely worth exploring!


vietnam green valley mountains river

While the flights getting there and back will certainly make a dent in your trip budget, Vietnam is a fantastic destination for the budget traveller! Even forgetting the food (which is both incredibly cheap and tasty), Vietnam is absolutely beautiful and it’s both inexpensive and easy to get around. The backpacker’s dream. To truly get your money’s worth, opt for a longer stay.


thailand valley river bridge jungle woman

Thailand is another Southeast Asian country that offers you a lot for your money. Once you’re there, you can expect to live very cheaply; and with one of the world’s most celebrated cuisines, not to mention the stunning coastline and countryside, Thailand is another tropical destination offering exceptional value.


Malawi africa monkeys rocks lake

You may not even have heard of this country, but wedged in between Tanzania and Mozambique, along the western shore of the lake bearing the same name, sits Malawi. For the budget traveller looking to have a safari experience, Malawi is a prime choice! With a daily cost of living as low as $20.00 Canadian/day, and a prime location on one of the most beautiful lakes on the continent, a trip to “The Warm Heart of Africa” is definitely a trip worth taking.

Sri Lanka

train sri lanka jungle bridge arches

An island gem in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has just about everything; beaches, forests, ancient sites, gardens, great food and a culturally rich capital city, all for an incredibly low daily cost of living. It’s no wonder it came first on Lonely Planet’s list of top countries to visit in 2019.

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