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Why Travelling With Your Grandkids Is The Best

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If you have grandkids you love and a passion for travelling, why not combine them! A grandparent-grandchild adventure has the makings of a most memorable experience.

You Have Time

If you’re retired, you may have more time to take your grandkids on trips than their parents. Retirement means you get March break, Christmas break, and summers off too. Everyone knows that Grandma and Grandpa are the best babysitters out there, so a week-long trip with grandparents would be really appreciated by your own kids who may have to work, and your grandkids who want a great summer experience.

Different Perspectives

If you bring your grandkids to a place you’ve been before, you get to watch them fall in love with the place too! It’s the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing something great for the first time twice. If you take them somewhere new to both of you, the generational gap is bound to help show you things you wouldn’t have noticed – and help them absorb the wisdom from your perspective.

You Get Them To Yourself

If you plan a vacation, you don’t have to compete with soccer schedules or friends. Your grandkids are all yours! Plus, without their parents, there’s no one to stop you from spoiling them.

TIP: If you are leaving the country, make sure you have the proper documentation, passports, health cards, etc that you need!

You Get To Act Like A Kid

With your grandkids, you can go to places and do things you would never do on your own. A 60-year-old couple alone at Great Wolf Lodge might be a little weird, but with your grandkids in tow, nothing’s stopping you from playing in the water or swinging on a jungle-gym like six-year-olds.

You Can Grow Up Together

Starting these traditions early leads to a strong bond and continuing the traditions throughout their life. Travelling with your grandkids, even when they’re not kids anymore, is just as amazing! Plus, you might have great-grandkids to look forward to travelling with!

They’ll Never Forget It

Your grandkids will eventually forget the toys and presents you buy them – but they’ll never forget the time you took them on vacation. You’ll never have a scrapbook full of pictures of Christmas presents, but you could have a treasured scrapbook full of memories.

Whether you’re going overseas, across the border, or camping locally, your grandkids will always treasure the memories and traditions you make with them.

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