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5 Places with Great Travel Weather Year Round

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Though the winter season isn’t quite done yet, I can’t help but dream of sun, sand, and summer.  Travel weather is always something to consider when booking your vacation; however, some places have a great climate throughout the entire year.  Below is a list of the five places I’d rather be.

1. San Diego, USA

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With the temperature hovering around 24 degrees most days and low humidity, San Diego has amazing travel weather.  The only months that aren’t perfect are May and June which can be cloudy (hey, I’d still take it over this cold March).

San Diego’s popular tourist attractions are usually outside.  That way, you can still enjoy the sun.  Surfing, sunbathing on the beach, and rock climbing are widely enjoyed.  In the winter months, migrating whales can be watched from Cabrillo Park.  In addition, tourists flock to the famous San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, and catch a Padres baseball game.

2. Canary Islands, Spain

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The lost islands of Atlantis (look it up!) attract travelers with ideal weather.  The high season (December to April and July to August) has temperatures as hot as 38 degrees.  The shoulder season (May to June and September to November) see highs of 28 degrees.  With little humidity, the Canary Islands promise the warmth and pleasantry that Canadian winter makes us crave.

The Canary Islands have an excellent nightlife, club scene, and wine tasting (basically my own personal heaven).  In addition, different festivals are held every few weeks which tourists can enjoy.  Popular outdoor activities include; hikes, walks, beach bathing, and window shopping.

3. Nice, France

nice france mediterranean coast sea hill city

Weather along this French Riviera city isn’t a concern.  Winter days are still sunny and reach temperatures of about 15 degrees.  This low may seem cooler compared to the Canary Islands low of 28 degrees, but 15 is still a walk in the park for Canadians.  Summer months reach about 28 degrees with lots of sunshine.  The lovely, Mediterranean setting attracts tourists year round.

Nice offers many tourist attractions such as; a multitude of museums, a beautiful, pebbly waterfront, and excellent shopping.  A short climb up the Colline du Chateau overlooks the Baie des Anges which offers a breathtaking view atop the castle ruins.

4. Kunming, China

kunming china temple traditional water

Kunming is known as the “city of eternal springs”.  The mild climate attracts tourists year round.  August is the hottest month and can reach temperatures of up to 30 degrees, however in January it  can get as low as 10 degrees.  While Kunming receives a fair amount of precipitation, the environment is still warm, sunny, vibrant, and bustling with new beginnings.

Tourists can stroll through the flower or bird market, or visit one of many museums such as the Kunming Zoology Museum, or the Yunnan University Wu Mayao Museum of Anthropology.  Furthermore, Kunming is home to several breathtaking temples – most notably the Yuantong Temple.  Visitors enter this Buddhist temple from above, walking through the beautiful gardens before descending below into the temple proper.

5. Sydney, Australia

sydney opera house australia harbour bridge city

Travel weather in Sydney is forecasted to be a non-issue.  The humid, subtropical climate provides warmth and sunshine year round.  Spring and summer months can see temperatures as high as 35 degrees, while winter’s low is only about 10 degrees.  

The city surrounds the world’s largest natural harbor which provides many outdoor, sun-filled activities.  For example; swimming, surfing, sunbathing, fishing, whale watching and kayak or canoeing.  In addition, Sydney is home to two major landmarks: the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  Kangaroos and wallabies can be sighted at most National Parks.  There is also the Koala Park Sanctuary, the Taronga Zoo and the Sydney Aquarium for nature lovers. You really can’t go wrong with much of Australia, but there’s definitely something special about Sydney!

Written by Megan Cary

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