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5 More Places to Travel (That we Overlooked)

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Since theCurrent started we’ve been all around the world, including many of the globe’s best places to travel from renowned cities to hidden gems. Unfortunately we haven’t had time for everything! That’s why we occasionally like to go back and highlight 5 of the coolest places to travel that just didn’t quite make the list (find more HERE)!

1. Stonehenge, England

stonehenge sunset England rocks ancient archaeology

Some 5000 years ago someone, for some reason, took it upon themself to place some  very large stones in a circle in the middle of the English countryside. Clearly historians don’t know a lot about Stonehenge but whether you believe it was a burial site for ancient tribes or placed there by aliens, there’s no denying that Stonehenge is one of the most iconic archaeological sites anywhere in the world. It’s worth the trip to Wiltshire to get up close and personal with the famous site (though only select groups can actually gallivant through the circle). At the end of the day you may be travelling out into the sticks for a bunch of rocks – but these might just be the most interesting bunch of rocks you’ll ever see.

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2. Varanasi, India

varanasi india ganges holy bathing people river

If you think you can handle the sensory overload, the holy city of Varanasi in India might be just what the doctor ordered. Located on the banks of the famous river Ganges, Varanasi is chaotic, colorful, disorienting, and overwhelming…but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or not, you’d be hard pressed to admit that this Indian city doesn’t elicit some strong reactions – just be don’t plan on relaxing much.

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3. Pompeii, Italy

pompeii italy ancient ruins volcano

We all know the story (and it played out exactly like this we assume), but all the documentaries, pictures, and effects driven movies can’t capture the feeling you get from wandering around the ruins of Pompeii. As one of Italy’s most popular attractions, the remnants of the ancient city offer window not just into Ancient Roman life, but also (morbidly) the last moments of many of the city’s unlucky residents. Access to parts of the site are controlled and limited, but you can still see more than enough to justify making Pompeii a part of your next Italian getaway.

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4. Sedona, Arizona

sedona bell rock red desert southwest usa

We might have written a full four Travel Guides about our southern neighbour, but that doesn’t mean some incredible destinations didn’t slip through the cracks. First and foremost is the small Arizona town of Sedona. What makes this town of 10,000 a must-see? Well like much of the Southwest, leaving the city limits transports you to a majestic world of desert scenery – with the cherry on top being the famous red sandstone formations. There’s not much else to say except that you should probably look at the picture above. Does that look like the type of landscape you could picture yourself in? Then you should probably go to Sedona.

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5. Niagara, Ontario

niagara falls ontario usa canada new york waterfall

Our last entry here may not require a trans-Atlantic trip (or even leaving the province), but we had to make up for not including Niagara in our celebration of all things Canada. We’re cheating here and including both the eponymous falls as well as the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. The Falls themselves are spectacular; the surrounding town is fun and caters to tourists (despite a somewhat, shall we say…not undeserved reputation for kitsch), while the nearby lakeside escape is a quintessentially charming town – complete with Ontario’s best wine region. All told, this is an easy trip for many of you and we can’t imagine you haven’t made it at least once. But in case you haven’t, consider this a friendly reminder of what you can find right in our own backyard.

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Check back later for more of the coolest places to travel (that we overlooked)! With so much to see, you can bet they’ll be some amazing places to go.

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