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Travel Guide: Game of Thrones

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Over 8 seasons, Game of Thrones has filmed in countries across Europe, Africa, and even a little closer to home! Luckily, we’ve already covered every country the show has visited in our weekly Travel Guides! So pick your favorite, check out a brief description of what was filmed there, and start planning your Thrones getaway today!

Note: There will be minor spoilers (namely place names) for seasons 1 to 7 of Game of Thrones. Read on at your own risk. This guide was updated prior to the beginning of season 8.

The Countries of Game of Thrones

Canada | Croatia | Iceland | Malta | Morocco | Northern Ireland | Scotland | Spain | USA

Northern Ireland

game of thrones northern ireland waterfall forest stream trees

Northern Ireland serves as the home base for Game of Thrones, with a studio in Belfast and outdoor locations throughout the country used. More scenes for the show are filmed here than anywhere else, from season 1 all the way to season 8. (Travel Guide)


game of thrones croatia walled city dubrovnik sea

Starting in season 2, the city of Dubrovnik served as the stand in for King’s Landing (the capital of the Seven Kingdoms). In addition, the famous Diocletian’s Palace in Split has been used for scenes in Meereen starting in season 4. Many other locations are also featured. Though producers stated the country would not be used for filming in season 6, cast members were spotted in costume in Dubrovnik nonetheless. While much of the filming previously done in Croatia has shifted to the country below, it remained a location for some production during season 7. (Travel Guide)


game of thrones cordoba bridge spain roman architecture

Spain seems to be the new favourite for Game of Thrones. It was used in season 5 for Dorne, particularly the famous Alcázar in Seville standing in for the Water Gardens and the Roman bridge of Córdoba used for Volantis. For season 6, Spain was the backdrop for some of the series most pivotal moments; a trend that continued into the seventh (largely when it comes to the more southerly locations). (Travel Guide)


game of thrones iceland glacier snow frozen

Iceland, as it might not surprise you to learn, was used for some of the more northerly scenes in the show. Namely this included many places beyond the Wall starting in the second season. While certainly frigid looking, they are among some of the most spectacular landscapes on Game of Thrones(Travel Guide)


morocco game of thrones essaouira coast north africa city walls

Morocco was originally used during the first (unaired) pilot, but the producers returned to the country for season 3. Particularly, the city of Essaouira was used as a stand-in for the slave-city of Astapor. (Travel Guide)


malta game of thrones gozo azure window mediterranean sea rock

Malta was home to the original King’s Landing in season 1, but has since been replaced by Dubrovnik and Spanish locations. In addition, the Azure Window (RIP) on the island of Gozo was used as the backdrop to a Dothraki wedding. (Travel Guide)


doune castle scotland game of thrones old

Scotland was mainly used in the original (unaired) pilot, with Doune Castle standing in for Winterfell. While production shifted to Northern Ireland when the full season was picked up, some of the original (Scottish based) scenes were left in. (Travel Guide)


game of thrones brown bear

For a scene involving a live bear (Bart the Bear 2, to be specific), the animal was filmed in Los Angeles before being digitally added to the set constructed in Northern Ireland – marking the show’s first time on this side of the Atlantic. (Travel Guide)


wolf canada timber game of thrones snow winter

Game of Thrones has finally come to Canada! Much like with the US, it was done for the purpose of filming with animals – in this case Alberta based wolves. (Travel Guide)

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