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Travel Agent Exclusive!

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Travel agents know that the best way to keep a client happy (and to keep them coming back) is by securing them the best deals available. That’s why Canada’s largest independently owned and operated currency retailer – Continental Currency Exchange – has partnered with travel agents across Ontario to develop the E-VIP Card.

Available as a travel agent exclusive deal, the E-VIP Card delivers clients the best rates on all their foreign currency exchange needs and better rates than the banks guaranteed. Plus, for every dollar exchanged by your clients, you will receive referral points which can be cashed in for a gift card of your choice.

Simply contact Continental’s Travel Liaison & Development Manager Courtney Hepditch, for your free E-VIP card, download your card and issue it to your clients for exclusive deals.

Check out the benefits to you and your clients, how it works, and how to get started today!

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The Benefits

Client Benefits Agent Benefits
Exclusive Exchange Rates on all Currencies Build Client Loyalty
Reduced Fees on all Services:

Save even more money on all foreign exchange services, such as international payments, money transfers and wires, and foreign cheques and drafts.

1 to 1 Referral Points:

Earn 1 referral point for every dollar your client exchanges. Then redeem your points for a gift card of your choice.

No Service Charge on all Cash Transactions Keep Your Clients Coming Back:

Provide your clients and their family with a new E-VIP card before every trip.

No Hidden Bank Fees, No Commission Client Referrals:

When your clients are happy, they trust you and keep coming back!

Easier to Use:

Use your E-VIP card to buy currency over the phone at 1-844-30-FX2GO or at over 19 branches across Ontario.

Easier to Issue:

Send your E-VIP card to clients via email – no hassle for you or your clients, and no need for a face to face meeting!

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How it Works 1-2-3

Getting and issuing your own E-VIP card is easier than ever. Just follow three easy steps: download, customise and save!

  1. Download the E-VIP Card
    1. Contact Courtney Hepditch ([email protected]) for your free E-VIP Card
    2. Download and open the E-VIP PDF file
  2. Customise: Enter your Details (see below)
    1. Click the box below “Agent Name” then type your name
    2. Click the box below “Travel Agency” then type the name of your travel agency
  3. Save, Smile and Send, then Watch your Clients Save!
    1. Save the file and send it to your client as an email attachment or simply print it for them
    2. Clients can redeem your E-VIP card at any Continental branch or over the phone at 1-844-30-FX2GO. To receive their savings, clients provide your name and agency ensuring that you receive your referral points
    3. No need to print – clients can simply present your E-VIP card on their phone and save!

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Contact us today

For any further questions, concerns or to find out your current referral point balance, please contact: Courtney Hepditch (Travel Liaison & Development Manager) Phone: (519) 748-4700 · Cell: (519) 496-3345 · Fax: (519) 748-4431 · Email: [email protected]

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