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The Pros and Cons of your Transportation Options

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In this day and age, there are lots of easily accessible transportation options for your travels. There are pros and cons to each, so we’ve put together a list to better help you decide the best transportation method for your trip.


plane transportation options


The biggest advantage of flying is time. A seven-day drive across Canada only takes seven hours in the air. The time saved by flying is invaluable – it extends your vacation time at your destination rather than wasting time getting there. Additionally,  flying is a really safe option for your trip.


While time is a pretty huge pro, there are quite a few cons to weigh when travelling by plane, the first being that flying is the most expensive way to travel and the carbon emissions produced by planes make flying the most environmentally unfriendly choice. Additionally, airports are just about the least exciting place to be. “Hurry up and wait” is the name of the airport game: rush to check-in and get through strict security, find your gate, and wait for potentially hours. However, most people find the price tag and the drone of the airport worth it for the amount of time they save.


bus transportation options


Travelling by bus is an incredibly affordable and environmentally friendly way to travel. Additionally, having someone else behind the wheel (especially a professional driver) can take the stress of driving and navigating off your plate – particularly if you’re travelling over the holidays in bad winter weather. Many people enjoy the social aspect that comes with bus travel. Whether it’s a specific tour or just a personal trip, when you spend a couple days on a bus with strangers, you’re bound to make a few friends. Additionally, bus trips allow you to really experience the country and landscape you’re travelling through. Passengers really get to experience the vastness, character, and uniqueness of the country.


Bus travel is a really slow way to travel. It is also fairly uncomfortable and cramped on busses, and if you don’t love being social, the closeness and atmosphere may not be enjoyable to some.


train transportation options


Similar to travelling by bus, train-travel is one of the more environmentally friendly options out there and usually fairly affordable (in the middle range between planes and buses). Again, regarding speed, train travel is in the middle range – faster than bus or car, but still significantly slower than flying. Even more than bus trips, train travel is really social, with a drink and dining car, strangers can easily befriend one another. Train travel is arguably the most comfortable option. Even if you’re just travelling economy, the seats are much roomier than planes or busses, and the ability to relax with someone else behind the wheel makes it more comfortable than driving yourself. If you’re travelling in a sleeper, you’ll be even more comfortable! Finally, train travel is beautifully scenic. You get to experience the landscapes you’re travelling to unlike when you fly – plus, many trains have a “sky car” with ceiling windows to take it all in.


As mentioned, taking the train can be faster than driving, but it doesn’t come close to the speed of flying. A long trip by bus is about half the time by train – which still adds up to several days that could be only hours in the air. And while train seats are typically the most comfortable, it doesn’t always matter how much room and cushion you have when you’ve been stuck in that same seat for days.


car transportation options


Who doesn’t love a road trip? Travelling by car offers travellers the most freedom and control to stop and sightsee, take a break, or make a detour. Many people are incredibly comfortable in their cars and enjoy the privacy of travelling in their own (or even rented vehicle) since you’re free to listen to loud music, sing, talk loudly on the phone (hands free of course), and do anything else that would otherwise be considered impolite in a public space like a plane, bus, or train. Driving is cheaper than flying and can be even cheaper than taking a train or bus if you’re transporting a lot of luggage, a pet, or your family.


If you’re driving your own car, road trips can really create some wear and tear to your vehicle and decrease its value while increasing its kilometres. Driving yourself is one of the slowest modes of transportation. Additionally, driving and navigating through bad weather or unfamiliar destinations can be stressful and time-consuming for the driver. Plus, you’re most likely to get into an accident while travelling by car.

Whether you prefer travelling by plane, train, bus, or car, there’s a transportation method for every unique traveller and journey – and the journey can be half the fun, too!

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