Top 6 Places to go Around Toronto During Pan Am

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So the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games are wrapping up, and I think we can all agree they’ve been a resounding success! While the events have certainly kept a lot of us busy, hopefully you’ve had some time to explore this great city and the surrounding area. We’ll take a look at the top 6 places to go around Toronto during Pan Am while you still have a chance to get out and experience them!

1. CN Tower


It’s Toronto’s most famous landmark and it’s probably the first thing you saw when you entered the city. As one of the tallest buildings in the world, it dominates the skyline, creating an impressive picture from down below. But that’s nothing compared to the view from the top.

Ride a glass elevator upwards and you’ll be greeted by a glass floor, a 360 degrees rotating restaurant, and the EdgeWalk. What is the EdgeWalk? Well you can now spend 20 minutes shuffling around the outside of the tower (strapped in of course). Whether you’re an aspiring daredevil or not, the CN Tower offers a complete picture of Toronto from its highest point – and is worth waiting in line to see.

2. Niagara Falls


It might take a little while to reach from the city, but Niagara Falls is worth the trip (which takes around an hour). It’s one of the world’s most impressive falls, and visitors can expect an experience on par with Iguazu or Victoria. While Niagara Falls isn’t the tallest, the flow rate of the water is the highest in the world – and the impressive result is the reason so many tourists flock here each year.

The immediate town itself doesn’t offer much beyond old casinos and tourist traps (which can still be enjoyable), but nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake is world renowned for its quaint atmosphere and ice wine. Still, when one of the most impressive natural features on the continent is within your grasp, you’ll quickly forget about whatever else is nearby.

3. Hockey Hall of Fame


Whether you’re from another part of Canada, or just visiting this country – a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame might be on the cards. This is arguably the centre of the hockey world, with memorabilia and memories from the NHL’s greats both past and present.

Beyond finding your favourite player, there’s often a very important guest on display at the HHOF – the Stanley Cup. The most iconic trophy in sports is waiting for visitors to take their picture with. Just be sure not to touch it as hockey superstition dictates that it’s bad look to touch the trophy before you win it!

4. Royal Ontario Museum


Known colloquially as the ROM, this is one of the largest museums in all of North America. Arts, culture, and natural history – you name it and the ROM has it. There is a ton here for kids, families, and other interested onlookers to take in, spanning the entire globe (and centuries of history).

The ROM also occasionally puts on special celebrations with DJ’s, food, drinks, and everything else you need to bring in a hip clientele – proving that the ROM is a museum like no other. That being said, anytime is a good time to visit one of Toronto’s most popular destinations.

5. Scarborough Bluffs


While Lake Ontario is often in sight as you wander Toronto, there’s not always an obvious place to relax along its shores. Enter the Scarborough Bluffs. These magnificent cliffs are quite a spectacle, and they offer great views of the surrounding waters.

The local beach is one of the best in the region, full of everything you would expect. Beach volleyball, wading out into the waves, picnics, and many more activities can be enjoyed as you relax under the summer sun. It’s not the easiest place to get to, but it can be a welcome escape from the bustle of the big city.

6. Distillery District


One of Toronto’s coolest neighbourhoods has to lot to offer people of all interests and hobbies. In keeping with its history, you can still find great drinks at one of the many bars and restaurants spread throughout the Distillery District’s distinctive brick buildings. Plus the Mill Street Brewery is located in the district and is a must for any discerning beer drinker.

The Distillery District offers much more than just that however. Over the years, it has developed into a full-fledged entertainment district. The Young Centre for the Performing Arts, live music, numerous events (food and otherwise), and much more are found within the area. Take a break from the games and hop on over – you won’t regret it!

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