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Top Currencies for Snowbirds

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Canadians have been flying south for the winter for decades. These so-called “snowbirds” often have their favourite haunts that they revisit year after year. But for those looking to mix it up, or who are thinking of flying south for the first time, read on for the top currencies for snowbirds!

1. United States Dollar

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The US dollar is in use in most of the favourite snowbird haunts (see Florida, Arizona, New Mexico and Panama). With its strength and privileged status in all of the others, the USD sits as the most useful currency out there for Canadian snowbirds.

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2. Mexican Peso

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Coming in hot at number two on our list is the Mexican peso. Mexico is the largest destination for snowbirds after the United States. With the favourable exchange rate, and a mix of gorgeous beaches and resorts, ancient ruins, vibrant cities and beautiful mountain ranges, it’s no surprise as to why!

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3. Costa Rican Colón

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Costa Rica, long considered to be a safe-haven in Central America, is a prime destination for snowbirds looking to escape the dark, cold winters of home. It’s no wonder the place has become more and more popular among Canadians, with its beautiful climate, incredible biodiversity, lush rainforests and spectacular beach resorts. Pair all of the above with a very friendly exchange rate and you can see why the Costa Rican colon made number three on our list.

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4. Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Eastern caribbean dollar bills

Sitting at number four on our list is the Eastern Caribbean dollar! The currency is in use among eight members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. With island-nation destinations like St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis, the Eastern Caribbean dollar is definitely one of the most useful currencies out there for snowbirds!

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5. Thai Baht

Thai baht bills

Thailand has been growing increasingly popular among Canadians in recent years as a tropical escape during the winter months at home. Especially for those making a longer stay, the long flight is more than made up for by the incredible food, world-class beaches, and low-cost of living. What’s more, it’s been ranked by SWIFT as the 10th most frequently used world payment currency. The Thai baht is definitely an up-and-comer for snowbirds!

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