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Top 5 Countries to Visit in 2018

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A new year brings with it a sense of renewed adventure. So that’s why here at theCurrent, we decided to start 2018 off with a global roadmap to follow. These are our top 5 countries to visit in 2018!

5. New Zealand

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Let’s face it…there’s never a bad year to go to New Zealand. This is, after all, the country that brought The Lord of the Rings to life and continues to enchant visitors with stunning landscapes and friendly locals. The North Island is home to the larger cities (including Auckland and Wellington) as well as idylic bays and wine regions. The South Island is more untamed and wild, with massive fjords, impressive mountain ranges, long hiking trails, ‘jumping off’ points for adrenaline junkies, and more. You might think it’s hyperbole, but there is literally something in New Zealand for everyone. There’s a reason this island nation will always appear on ‘best of’ lists for years to come!

4. Chile

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With all the cheap flights to Europe these days, it can be easy to forget the gems that are available right in our very own Western Hemisphere. South America is home to some unforgettable locales – from the mountains of Patagonia in Argentina to the energy of Rio de Janeiro. For 2018 however we turn our attention to Chile, the long and narrow country along the west coast of the continent. This is the year it celebrates 200 years of independence, so we figured it was time to join the party. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Chile features large and vibrant cities, stunning mountains, barren yet beautiful desert, some of the world’s best wine, and more.

3. South Korea

south korea temple busan mist coast water

East Asia is home to some wondrous and impressive places. Mega-cities with tens of millions wandering around, remote mountain temples…these are just a few of the images that come to mind. South Korea has all that, with the added advantage of a major world event this year only! That’s right, the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in Pyeongchang this February. While a trip later in the year is always worth it, we recommend checking for those last minute deals to take in the exploits of some of the world’s best athletes. Despite the disappointing lack of NHL players this year, the games are sure to be a celebration of sport and competition. We’ll be in South Korea cheering on Canada and we hope to see you there too!

2. Vietnam

vietnam rice fields hills agriculture asia

Affordable and unforgettable, those two words sum up a visit to Vietnam pretty well these days. With more cheap flights than before and low prices on location, this Southeast Asian country has quietly become one of the gems of the entire region. The cities are cosmopolitan – with Ho Chi Minh especially home to a robust coffee culture. You’ll also find party-centric resorts if you need to let off a little steam, while traditional villages and farms are just a stones throw away. Add warm weather and beautiful geography and you have a country that is truly the complete package.

1. Croatia

croatia dalmatia coast dubrovnik sea europe

Croatia has always been one of our favourites at theCurrent, so it’s perhaps with a bit of bias that we decided to place it as the number one country to visit in 2018. While you might have another opinion on the matter, it’s hard to deny that Croatia is now one of the premier destinations in all of Europe. It has stunning natural wonders (see the Plitvice Lakes), a bustling capital in Zagreb, and the top draw of the lot – the sand, sunshine, and history of the Dalmatian Coast. Home to famous cities like Dubrovnik, the coastal region of Croatia would earn the country a top 5 spot all on its own…and that’s before you consider the rest!

And there you have it…the top 5 countries to visit in 2018! Where do you want to go in the coming year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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