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Top Five Active Winter Getaways for the Adventurous Soul

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Winter is upon us, and while many of us have already begun planning our escape to warmer climes, many more are sharpening our skates, waxing our skis, and preparing for all that the season has to offer! Looking for a bigger, more exciting winter adventure this year? Read on for the top five active winter getaways for the adventurous soul!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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With winter activities like skiing (downhill and cross-country), sledding, skating, snowmobiling, backcountry excursions, and wildlife-watching, Jackson Hole in Wyoming is a veritable winter wonderland! Factor in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and first-rate culinary scene, and there’s no question, Jackson Hole is a winter-lover’s dream!

Whitehorse, Yukon

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80% of the Yukon is wilderness, making Whitehorse the city with the big backyard. Go dog-sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, skiing and ice-fishing in the day; and during the long winter nights? Lay down around the fire and watch the majesty of the Aurora Borealis unfold overhead.

The Alps

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French, Swiss, Italian, Bavarian, Austrian…it’s hard to nail down any one region of the Alps that you should go before any other. So we’ll let you decide! Wherever you go, you can look forward to world-class skiing, hiking, climbing and more. Plus, when you’ve had enough exercise for the day, there’s always the shopping, food and (in December) Christmas markets to keep you occupied!

Lake Baikal, Siberia

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At the mere mention, Siberia conjures up images of brutal winters and raw, endless wilderness of Russian taiga. All of that may well be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that winter can be an amazing time to visit Siberia. The dry, hyper-continental climate actually makes the sub-zero temperatures more bearable. Besides, when else can you walk upon the deepest, oldest (freshwater) lake in the world, witnessing simultaneously the incredible beauty that forms in the ice each year? When else can you ride through the Siberian forest by troika? Or by dogsled?  

With some winter activities that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the world, a winter visit to Lake Baikal is an experience you’ll keep with you for the rest of your life.   


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With every other entry on this list firmly devoted to lovers of the cold, we thought we’d throw in one getaway for those who prefer their winters above zero. Hawaii. It’s a name that gets thrown around a lot, but there’s plenty good reason for that. With hiking, swimming, snorkelling, surfing and a whole lot more; if you’re looking for an active winter getaway sans the actual winter, there’s a better than good chance Hawaii is the place for you.

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