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7 Things Only Canadian Travellers Do

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Most travellers are always looking for a little piece of home while they’re abroad – Canadians are no different. Here are a few ways we take home on the road!

1. We Go Out of Our Way to Find Canadian Coffee

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Whether it’s hitting up the Tim Horton’s in London, or the Second Cup in Accra, Canadians not only love coffee, we love our coffee. Since chain franchises always look the same no matter what country you’re in, it’s easy to breathe in the smell of fresh java and sit in the familiar coffee shop and pretend you’re back home.

2. We Have a Canada Flag Patch

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The Canada flag patch is a staple for every Canadian traveller – the location of the patch is different for everyone. It might be on your backpack, suitcase, or jean jacket, but it’s always somewhere. Some Canadians take it a step further with maple leaf tattoos! Although this tradition started with Canadians wishing to distinguish themselves from Americans, it has been passed down and evolved into a simple act of patriotism (or, it’s a cool way to distinguish your luggage while it’s on the carousel – your call).

3. We Travel with Family

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Canadians are big on family values, so it makes sense that we’re big on family vacations and often travel with our entire family. Alternatively, romantic getaways with a spouse are also very popular among Canadians. Therefore, solo travel or trips with friends are less common amongst Canadians.

4. We Hike

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Canadians aren’t afraid of hard work and know that the best views are at the top of the trail. As such, Canadians almost always include a hike on their vacation and often choose nature-themed vacations to begin with. We’re not here for the water parks, shopping, or tourist attractions – we’re here for the experience we can’t get anywhere else.

5. We’re Prepared

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One of the first travel tips that many first-time Canadian travellers learn is to keep a photocopy of their passport just in case it get stolen or lost. Canadians are usually super responsible and prepared travellers. Medically, we do our best to get the recommended vaccines before we leave (or the recommended medication just in case we get traveller’s diarrhea). We keep hard copies of our plane tickets, just in case our phone is dead/lost/stolen. Canadians prepare for the “just in case” scenarios. The government of Canada even has travel tips, warnings, and advice on their website.

6. We Bring Snacks

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Since we know we can’t get out favourite Ketchup or All Dressed chips too easily anywhere else, we bring them with us! When family or friends are joining us on vacation a few days later, we often even ask the newcomers to remember to pack extra snacks! We also crave the snacks we can’t bring or find abroad – like real poutine.

7. We’re Polite

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Yeah, I know, this is a cliché. Canadians apologize, but we also say “please” and “thank you” and hold doors for strangers. It’s a stereotype for a reason!

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