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How to Maximize Your Continental Experience

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Thank you for your interest! OneCard is not currently available for sale. Please visit a branch near you to get the cash you need, today!

For almost 30 years, Canadians have come to know that when it comes to saving money on currency exchange, Continental is there for them. What many don’t realize however, is that the savings and services Continental has to offer extend far beyond the exchange of foreign cash for domestic (and vice versa). Indeed, with the release of OneCard this fact has never been more true. Follow on below for ways clients like you can get the most out of your Continental experience!

The Trip

Mark just graduated and is planning a three month-long trip through South America with two of his friends to celebrate. He knows he’s going to need some cash in the local currencies of the countries he’ll be travelling through, and having begun planning this trip half a year in advance, he decides to sign up for Continental’s rate watch to keep him posted when the currencies he needs reach a preferable rate of exchange. Although he’s excited about his trip, he’s also a little nervous about the prospect of carrying so much money around with him. When Mark went into his local Continental Currency Exchange branch, he was presented with a great solution: OneCard! It was easy for him to apply: all he had to do was fill out his information and present two pieces of I.D.

Mark still decided to pick up some cash for the countries he’d be visiting, but with a OneCard he knew he’d be able to carry most of the funds around with him without the worry of having them stolen and lost forever – a risk he’d run carrying it all in cash. If he did lose his card, he could go onto the app and lock it, as well as order a new one. Plus, with a OneCard he’d have access to Continental’s great rates for the duration of his trip, and unlike when using a credit card, he wouldn’t have to worry about racking up terrible interest on any ATM withdrawals he would have to make along the way.

With cash and a OneCard, Mark knows he’s ready for his trip, and can focus on the equally stressful question of what clothes to pack!

The Return

Mark’s business with Continental doesn’t end when he gets home. Sure, he exchanges whatever cash he has left over back into Canadian dollars, but he decides to keep his OneCard active. After all it only costs him one dollar a month, and for that small fee he is still able to use his card domestically, and to load and save up funds for the next trip! Plus, with free money transfers between all OneCards, he knows he can pay back his friends for the gas money he owes them from that road trip through the Atacama.

Off Again

Later that year, Mark gets a position at a firm in the UK. The flat he finds in London requires a deposit, and Mark knows straight where to go about this. A quick visit to his local Continental branch and he’s able to send a wire to his landlord at a great exchange rate for a small fee of 10 dollars. Mark doesn’t plan on emigrating forever, so he doesn’t worry about transferring all of his assets to pound sterling – but he does purchase some pounds in cash with Continental, and loads enough onto his OneCard GBP account to cover him until his first paycheck.

Mark stays on at his position in the UK for two years. In that time he makes quite a few trips to the Continent, and whenever he does so he makes sure to use his OneCard; using the money he saved with Continental’s preferable rates to put towards future trips and making the most of his time in London. At the conclusion of his contract, Mark decides he’s ready to head back to Canada. He closes his bank account, wiring the contents to Continental, where he can get a better rate than at his bank. On top of that, unlike his bank he knows Continental won’t charge a fee for the service. In using Continental Currency Exchange, he also has the added benefit of being able to schedule the wire conversion for when the exchange reaches a desirable rate.

Luckily for Mark, the exchange rate is headed in a favourable direction for him and it isn’t long after his return to Canada that he’s able to cash out his wire and transfer the funds to his Canadian bank account.

Later In Life

Years down the road, Mark has made a successful career running an import/export firm in Toronto. His dealings with Continental now extend to corporate foreign exchange, and just as he was able to save himself money by making use of Continental’s services, so too is he now saving his business money in the same way.

Life has been good to Mark, and he has earned and saved enough money that he is able to buy a holiday home in Spain. Here again, Continental has services to help Mark save his hard-earned dollars. By sending a foreign draft through Continental, he gets the same great rates he has always gotten with us, plus the vacation house of his dreams.

By setting up scheduled foreign payments through Continental as well, Mark can rest easy knowing his mortgage payments, insurance, utility bills, property taxes and maintenance fees are all getting paid on time, and at a better rate than setting up similar payments through his bank.


Mark’s relationship with Continental Currency Exchange has truly been a lifelong one. From his days as a student planning his trip through South America, to late on in his career, running a business and buying foreign real estate, Continental was there for Mark. Saving him and his business money, and helping him to achieve his dreams.

While Mark is representative of many hard-working Canadians, he is also unique. A great many Canadians have come to rely on Continental for their foreign exchange needs, but still too many are missing out on the full range of services that Continental has to offer. Services designed to make life easier and to save you money.

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