The Continental Current is ALIVE!

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Foreign exchange has been our bread and butter for over 28 years. We are experts in the business, featuring over 17 retail branches across southern Ontario and a cutting edge corporate and commercial trading platform. On The Continental Current you’ll get our expert opinions, advice, and travel experience on a wide range of topics that will help you travel easier and experience the world any way you want. We have no doubt that you are going to love our Continental blog, nicknamed the Current.

Stay Current on The Current

“Why the Current” you might ask? Well the answer to that is easy! We have always been tucked away in our branches, collecting information and sharing it to anyone who was fortunate enough to ask. But we couldn’t share all of our wisdom with every single person. So we thought what better way to share our knowledge than through the written word, where you can follow us and everything we love on your own time, learning about all the things you love and need to know.

So whether you’re travelling soon, a fan of Continental, or you just happened to stumble upon us through a random Google search… Sit back, relax and get comfy, then let the Continental Current take you away!

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