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Thanks for Reading!

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It has been a very exciting week for the staff at theCurrent’s global headquarters, having just celebrated our 1-year anniversary! After much acclaim {insert praise here}, we wanted to give something back to our loyal readers. Take this FXtoGO coupon as a thank you for supporting us over the past year by reading, sharing, and enjoying our articles. And if you just happened to stumble upon this post and have no intention of reading anything else – well I suppose it’s your lucky day. Anyways, thanks for reading (or not as it were), and here are your savings.

theCurrent FXtoGO Online Coupon savings $5 CURRENT

What do I do?

The above coupon is good for online orders within Canada on our FXtoGO platform (which you can learn more about HERE and HERE). Find out how to use it below:

  1. Visit
  2. Proceed to order $500 worth of whichever currency you prefer
  3. Enter the coupon code when prompted
  4. That’s it! I told you it’d be easy

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Thanks again!

See how simple it was to get savings on your currency order just by reading theCurrent? We can’t promise that reading every new post well net you amazing discounts…but it’s worth a try right? Besides, even if you don’t get $5 every time, we can at least guarantee (or hope) that you’ll learn something new!

Before we drag this post out too long, thanks again from everyone here at theCurrent! We hope you’ll take this coupon as a token of that appreciation. Now get back out there (by out there, we mean on to another page on the same website) and start exploring!

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