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Continental Currency Exchange vs. TD Bank Exchange Rates

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Are you wondering who has the best exchange rates near you, Continental Currency Exchange or TD Canada Trust? While both offer good exchange rates, there’s one clear winner. Read on as we compare the savings and services of both institutions.

Don’t forget, while banks are an integral part of modern day life; and it’s true, big banks have a lot to provide their clients with regards to debt and domestic accounts. But while the institutions that hold our savings offer plenty of services that most of us take for granted, these are often more expensive than what you might find with a smaller company. In this post we compare the exchange rates of TD Canada Trust against Continental Currency Exchange Canada, to help you make the choice that’s right for you, your wallet and your travels!

TD Exchange Rate vs Continental Exchange Rate

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Continental has the edge over TD’s exchange rates in a number of areas. First and foremost, is the markup. With TD Canada Trust, you can expect a difference of between 2-5% between the rates for buy and sell. Hidden within those rates you’ll find a markup of 2.64%.

While you can expect a slight markup wherever you exchange your currency, as the cost of offering that service, the markup at Continental Currency Exchange is about half that of TD. So whether you’re buying your currency or selling it back, in both cases your exchange will cost you 50% less with Continental than if you traded your money at TD. What’s more, Continental offers a ‘best rates guarantee’. Meaning, that if you find a better rate at a bank or elsewhere, we’ll beat it!

In addition to the rates, there is the amount of currencies on offer. TD exchanges just 50 foreign currencies. In contrast, Continental buys and sells over 160. The difference is clear. While TD might be a convenient place to do your banking, when it comes to currency exchange, Continental Currency Exchange has the clear edge.

TD Wire Transfers vs Continental

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With Continental Currency Exchange, you can send wires to over 56 countries and semi-autonomous regions around the world! On the other hand, sending wire transfers with TD is restricted to only 26 foreign currencies. In addition to the availability of currencies, sending wires with TD can get to be expensive as well – with the average TD wire fee ranging between $30-80.

Continental’s wire fees are on average only $10-15 dollars. Factor in Continental’s best rates guarantee, and there’s no question that Continental Currency Exchange is the place to go when you need to send a wire!

TD Foreign Currency Online Ordering & Delivery vs Continental

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One of Continental’s great features is FXtoGO, the online currency platform that allows you to order the currencies you need direct to where you need them – anywhere in Canada (excluding Quebec). You can pick your order up for free in branch, or have it delivered direct to your home or office, in as little as 24 hours.

Ordering foreign currency with TD, in contrast, takes up to 3-5 business days, and is only available for pickup at a branch. With better rates as well, Continental Currency Exchange is the place to order your foreign currency online!

TD Business Currency Exchange vs Continental

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As a big bank, TD has a lot of resources to offer your business – whether it’s well established or just starting out. However, in the field of foreign exchange, Continental still has the edge. With both institutions, you can expect to have a Foreign Exchange Specialist/Expert assigned to your account.

But with over 30 years of experience as a Canadian corporate and business foreign exchange leader, and 160 currencies bought and sold immediately, Continental Currency Exchange has more to offer in this regard compared to TD; which offers only 30 foreign currencies for corporate foreign exchange.

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