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Now Accepting Submissions!

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So you’ve been enjoying reading theCurrent? That’s great! That being said, we’re sure you’ve thought of a great article idea just hoping we would tackle it. Well now you can make it happen yourself! Starting today, we are now accepting article submissions. So break out your metaphorical pen and paper and send your best work our way – it might end up on the website!

What to write

For now, we want to focus exclusively on travel articles. These can be specific accounts of a personal travel highlight you had (similar to our Travel Diaries) or something with a more global outlook (similar to a list of the most iconic mountains or seven wonders of the world). You have a whole world out there to explore so if you have another outside the box idea, we’d love to see it!


  • 250-1000 words
  • Must be travel related
  • We have to right to refuse submissions based on offensive, vulgar, or other similar content
  • Beyond that, you can write about pretty much whatever strikes your fancy!
  • Let us know if you want your name attached to the article or not
  • Email article to “[email protected]

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Submit Articles

Once you’ve completed your article, send it to us at “[email protected]“. We will review the submissions we receive and  the best will be edited and posted on the website. We reserve the right to use the article as we see fit including but not limited to: editing/changing things around, adding pictures, and advertising on social media. Let us know if you want your name attached to the post when advertising on social media. For example, we can tag you on Twitter if you have an account.

That’s all!

If you feel inspired and there’s something you really want write about – that’s all you have to do! With a whole globe at our fingertips, it wouldn’t make sense for us to restrict you. We look forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Send us your articles at “[email protected]

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