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Great Places to Study Abroad for Free

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While the US and UK undoubtedly offer some of the most excellent and prestigious schools in the world, these schools all come with some pretty heavy price tags attached. Not to worry though, there are plenty of other great schools out there that won’t leave you with a mountain of debt alongside your degree. Keen to do your Master’s overseas but don’t have the funds for Harvard or Cambridge? Check out the five best places to study abroad for free!


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With the quality of its higher education system and the strength of its economy, Germany as a place to study is already a strong candidate for any hoping to pursue a degree in Europe. But when you consider the fact the country’s public universities don’t charge tuition for international students, and the administrative fee all students have to pay is only €150-200, Germany gets a whole lot more attractive!

The federal state of Baden-Württemberg is the sole exception. Tuition fees were reintroduced here in 2017 for non-EU/EEA students. Although at €1,500 per semester it is still quite affordable when compared to the UK, US and Canada. Don’t speak German? Don’t let that hold you back! While English-taught undergraduate programs remain in relative short supply, Master’s programs taught in English are far more plentiful!

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Much like Germany, Norway is a great place to study abroad. International students do not have to pay tuition fees in Norway, regardless of the level of study. While there is a semester fee, this is quite low: only about NOK 300-600 (about CAD 45-90). Although the cost of living in Norway is quite high, so too is the quality of life; and when compared to the tuition fees at schools elsewhere, you’ll still come out ahead!

As with Germany, the offering of undergraduate degrees taught in English is pretty limited, with most taught in Norwegian. However, when you get to the postgraduate level you’ll find degrees taught in English are far more common.

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Iceland is another Nordic country where international students can enjoy a quality university education without paying any tuition fees. You will need to pay an annual registration fee of about ISK 75,000 (approx. CAD 810), but this is still a far sight cheaper than even Canadian tuition. Iceland’s cost of living is quite high, and the long dark winters can be trying, but if you can brave those obstacles it makes for a truly unique place to study.

There is a limited selection of undergraduate programs taught in English in Iceland as well, but at the master’s and PhD levels English-taught options are much more prevalent. 

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While France recently increased its tuition fees for international students, the country still offers a relatively affordable education at some incredible schools. As of September 2019, the new annual tuition fee for international students at public universities in France will be: 

  • €2,770 for Bachelor’s (Licence) programmes,
  • €3,770 for Master’s programmes,
  • €380 for Doctorate programmes (this fee remains consistent with what EU/EEA citizens and permanent residents are charged).

To help compensate for this increase in tuition fees, the French government has also tripled the amount of scholarships available for non-EU/EEA students (from 7,000 to 21,000). As is the case with all of the other countries on this list so far, most of the undergraduate opportunities in France are offered in the French language; although an increasing amount of postgraduate degrees are becoming available in English.

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The majority of public universities in Argentina are tuition-free, regardless of nationality. Couple this with the fact that Argentina hosts some of the finest academic institutions in Latin America, the South American country makes for a great place to study abroad for free. 

One difficulty international students may encounter though is that nearly all programs are offered in Spanish. If you’re looking to take advantage of an education in Argentina, you will need to enrol in Spanish courses prior to your degree.

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