The Best Way to Stay Connected to Family

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These days it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with each other. Between Facebook, Skype, texting and email, we’re never too far from the people we love, no matter where in the world we are. But family is more than just communication; for the best way to stay connected to loved ones, no matter where they are in the world, look no further than OneCard!

Home Allowance

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The bittersweet part of raising kids is that they don’t stay young forever. Becoming more independent, wanting to do things on your own is a natural part of childhood and growing up. As a parent, it’s good to indulge these instincts. The more your kids learn to figure out things for themselves, the better off they’ll be later in life.

A great way to get them started on the road to independence is to let them pay for things for themselves. But while you need to be at least 14 to open a bank account, with OneCard’s Family Sharing there are no restrictions on how early in life you get started. Parents can open a primary account for themselves and transfer money to their kids’ cards as they see fit.

Want to teach your kids financial accountability but feel cash is outdated? OneCard is the perfect low-cost tool! As the primary cardholder, you can monitor their accounts and their spending, set up regular money transfers to get them their weekly allowance and freeze their account if they lose their card. Plus, if they didn’t do their chores, you can always take the card away!

Family Vacation

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OneCard Family Sharing isn’t confined to home! With four currency accounts (CAD, USD, EUR and GBP) on every card, your kids can save up their allowance ahead of your family vacation (and mom or dad can transfer the money to the appropriate account). Headed to Disney World? You can use OneCard to give your family a daily budget. It’ll be safer than trusting them with cash, and if they do end up losing their card – it’s an easy click on the app to lock their card and request a new one!

Study Abroad

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Your children may be older, in which case, OneCard is more relevant than ever! If you have a kid off on university exchange or doing a school trip overseas, OneCard is the perfect way to stay connected while they’re away. You can send them money for free whenever they need it, all with Continental’s best rates guarantee. Helping them with their rent? Set up regular international payments to their landlord. OneCard is here for you, to help you be there for them.


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If you’ve got family living overseas, OneCard Family Sharing is an incredible way to stay in touch. Just pick up a secondary card in-branch, mail it, and send and receive money for free! Whether you’re making regular transfers or just around the holidays, OneCard is an incredible low-cost option to stay connected.

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