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5 Best Spring Getaways

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Ah spring…the time of year when the snow starts to melt (in theory) and is replaced by tons and tons of mud. Now’s the time to take advantage of the warmer weather and book yourself the perfect springtime trip! So in that spirit, we’ve compiled the 5 best spring getaways (in no particular order)!

1. Louisville, Kentucky

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It may not have the (admittedly strong) draw of sandy beaches and tropical weather, but springtime in Kentucky’s biggest city is a bonafide blast. While the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs is the main draw if you’re there in time, there’s much more going on than just “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”. Tons of people flock to Louisville this time of year to take part in festivals of all sorts, fireworks, beer, and much more. It doesn’t hurt that the city itself is an attractive mix of Southern and Midwestern sensibilities. Venture outside the city limits a bit and you’ll find yourself in bourbon country, with whiskey distilleries aplenty (such as Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, and many more) just waiting for visitors to sample their wares.

2. Southern England

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While the entire British Isles are worth a visit this time of year, you can expect the best weather (relatively speaking) along the south coast and slightly inland. Whether it’s the first signs of life at the Brighton Pier, the picturesque South Downs in Sussex, the untouched beauty of Cornwall, or the surprisingly fun city of Bristol – there’s quite a lot to take in across this part of England. Of course, there’s no better time to venture into the nation’s capital, and one of the world’s (if not the foremost) great cities – London. As the sun (occasionally) pokes through the clouds, this tourist’s dream of a city gets just a little bit more welcoming.

3. Australia’s Coast

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Let’s be honest, there’s no bad time to enjoy the sunny coast of Australia. Still, after the winter months are over (for us) is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding times of year to visit, with the always beautiful weather a stark counterpoint to the last few months. You can enjoy what the country has to offer in cities like Melbourne and Sydney, but there’s quite a lot to be said for outlying destinations such as Gold Coast – or really anywhere with sandy beaches. It might be across the world from Canada, but if you make the trip you’ll come to realize why so people many travel to Australia and never leave.

4. The West Indies

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Slightly closer, but no less warm, are the many Caribbean islands that make up the West Indies. From the Bahamas all the way down to Trinidad and Tobago, the West Indies are home to the hemisphere’s most famous and renowned tropical islands. You can spend time in highly developed and touristed cities like Nassau, experience the unique marriage of American and Spanish culture in San Juan, or wander off the beaten path and relax on one of the many idyllic beaches (of which there are plenty). What could be better than lounging the day away on the sandy shores of some island without a care in the world, drink in hand, as you watch the sun slip below the horizon.

5. Tuscany, Italy

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While, once again, anywhere in Italy would make a great spring trip, we’re partial to the beauty and culture of Tuscany. The centre of life in this northern region is the famous city of Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. For those with even a passing interest in history or art, you’ll find more than enough of both to keep you busy for weeks. To really experience Tuscany though, you have to head out into the country, wander amongst the famous hilltop towns and villas, and visit a vineyard to sample a fine glass of Chianti straight from the source.

Where else to go?

We’ve only scratched the surface of where the best places to travel in spring are! While sun, sand, and culture might do it for many, others might want to keep the winter season alive and hit the snowy slopes where they can still be found. The point is, there’s no wrong option – just be sure to let us know what you decide on!

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