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6 of the Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel

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Travel, especially solo travel, can be an empowering, life-changing experience. However, travelling alone isn’t always safe. Aside from the horror stories we hear about tourists being sex trafficked, physically assaulted, or harassed, solo, female travellers can also be the target for scammers, pickpockets, and people looking to take advantage of assumedly naïve female tourists. We’ve put together a list of destinations that every solo, female traveller should expect to feel relatively safe, comfortable, and thrilled to explore!


solo female traveller japan

Japan is one of the most female-friendly travel destinations. Aside from being well-known as a safe and respectful country, there are lots of female-only hostels and even train carriages. Speaking of transit, Japan is one of the most well-connected countries with accessible and easily-navigated public transportation – perfect for the solo adventurer who wants to get around with ease. There are lots of restaurants that cater to single people and doing anything alone is no big deal. Best of all, the Japanese are known for being incredibly friendly and helpful and will go out of their way to help give you directions or advice if you need anything. Not everyone speaks English, however, it’s not unheard of for someone to download a language app to help translate your question – they’re that friendly!  


solo female traveller cuba

Travel back in time with a trip to Cuba; with its pastel-coloured buildings, old cars, big cigars, and lively culture. Cuba is a great destination for anyone looking for warmth, culture, and fun. While petty street crime and catcalling are somewhat common in Cuba, violent and frightening crime is rare. It is not abnormal or risky for a woman to walk around alone. However, if you do feel a little insecure walking alone, Cubans are very friendly and making friends is quite easy. Cuba is one of the most colourful countries in the world and is a photographer’s (or Instagrammer’s) dream! Mix in the deep blue sea and white sandy beaches and every solo, female traveller has the destination of her dreams!


solo female traveller Ireland

With all its beauty and charm, no language barrier or culture shock, Ireland is one of the best places to visit for the solo, female traveller. Ireland is safe, peaceful, and has lots of options depending on your budget. You can choose between cheap hostels, quaint B&Bs, or fancier hotels. Check out the best pubs and the greenest grass in the world. Need more convincing? Just watch P.S. I Love You and you’ll be packing your bags in no time!


solo female traveller Norway

While Scandinavian countries in general top all the lists for safety and friendliness, Norway has recently been heading to the top of travel destination lists everywhere for a few reasons; Norway is one of the happiest, safest, and friendliest countries there is. Most people speak English as well as Norwegian and are happy to befriend or help out tourists. Like their Viking ancestors, Norwegian woman are often strong, independent, and badass as Norway enjoys some of the most gender equality in the world (and almost never experience catcalling or street harassment). Mix in some of the most beautiful scenery for nature-lovers and we can’t think of a better destination for the solo, female adventurer.


solo female traveller Singapore

Clean, safe, and friendly, Singapore offers incredible shopping opportunities, excellent food, and diversity for the solo, female traveller. As a multicultural country, Singapore and Singaporeans are incredibly welcoming to international visitors. Considered a “green city”, Singapore is a place that everyone should visit to see the eco-friendly possibilities within a big metropolis. With great public transit, free Wi-Fi almost everywhere, and lots to see and do, Singapore is the perfect solo, female travel destination.


solo female traveller Malta

Often overlooked in favour of its trendy neighbours France, Spain, Italy, and Greece, Malta is one of the most underrated destinations for solo, female travellers. Malta is full of friendly, kind-hearted people who are happy to help tourists. English is widely spoken and transit is easily accessible so getting around should be no problem. With mild winters, hot summers, excellent beaches, lively cities, and diverse and striking architecture, Malta is the ideal Mediterranean destination for any traveller.

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