The Dark Side of Snow Sculptures

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The 66th annual Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan has exploded across the internet this year. That’s because of the unique contribution of the Japanese military. Using trucks and backhoes the military men created a Lucasfilm sanctioned giant homage to Darth Vader.

66th Saporo Snow

Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival is hugely popular in Japan. It is held every year for one week in February. This year the festival will be held from February 5th to February 11th. The tradition started in 1950 when students started building their own snow sculptures in a nearby park. Since then the tradition spread and flourished. Today it plays host to 2 million people and hundreds of jaw dropping  snow and ice sculptures.  Also included in the festival are concerts and events.

The subject of the statues change year to year. In 2004 a giant snow likeness of Hideki Matsui – a pro baseball player – was erected.

It took 400 Japanese Self Defence Force Troops to build the sculpture.  Watch the time lapse video below: