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School Holidays – A Guide to March Break

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Once again, March Break, one of our favourite school holidays, is right around the corner! While no doubt many of you have already begun planning your family trips, for those of you who haven’t, Continental Currency Exchange is happy to lend a helping hand. The first step in planning any trip is naturally deciding where you might be interested in going, and what you would like to do. Are you thinking about a ski trip? A cruise? A beach getaway? A cultural experience? Having an idea of your budget going into this phase will certainly be a help and, in fact, might even inform the types of vacations you will have open to you and your family. For this year’s feature, we will be sharing with you some tips and ideas to help you to get the most out of your March Break vacation.

March Break Getaways on a Budget

While plenty of inexpensive options for quality family time are available right here in Ontario, there are many possibilities to be found south of the border as well. Vermont, for example, offers some of the best skiing on the Eastern Seaboard. With ideal conditions looking to hold throughout March and no shortage of affordable vacation packages to be found at its numerous renowned resorts, the Green Mountain State is a great choice for any hoping to hit the slopes before the Spring thaw.

For the more culturally inclined, some great cities like Philadelphia, Savannah and Houston have a fair bit to offer, without the same price tag as a trip to New York City. If you find flights to be too expensive, consider taking the bus or driving – why not turn your holiday into a family road trip?!

Where to Find Cheap Flights for March Break

For many people, March Break is an opportunity to escape the cold and get an early taste of warm weather before it begins in earnest here at home. There are many deals on offer for those looking for such a holiday. Sites such as, and are a great first stop. For a relaxing family beach vacation, package options are generally a good bet – just be sure to find the one right for you!

With the emergence of new low-cost airlines such as Wow Air  flying is generally cheaper than ever (just be aware of luggage fees). This means that destinations that may have seemed too far or too expensive are now becoming increasingly accessible. If you’ve always wanted to take the kids to Europe, but were balking at the thought of summer crowds and prices, this break from school might be the perfect occasion!

Unique Destinations for School Holidays

For those of you looking for more inspiration for potential trips, check out a few of our favourite March Break getaways for families.

Plan Your Trip and Travel Responsibly

Wherever your intended holiday will take you, it is important to do the research and to make the necessary preparations. When deciding on the desired destination, it may help to keep in mind whether visas or vaccinations will be required or advisable. If this is the case, you will need to factor enough time in to obtain them prior to your departure. Once you have decided on your holiday, be sure to familiarize yourself with any potential risks, and wherever possible make efforts to guard yourself and your family against them. Respect local customs and regulations, don’t venture off the trail (unless your guide instructs that it is okay), and be sure to have a chat with your kids about these things prior to arrival. All of these precautions should make for a safe, healthy and enjoyable vacation – for you, your family, and the locals. One more thing, remember to fit in a visit to your local Continental Currency Exchange branch to get the best deals on cash before you go!

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