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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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If we were to post a purely objective ranking of the most ‘fun’ holidays of the year – you can bet Saint Patrick’s Day would be at or near the very top (come to think of it, not a terrible idea for an article). From its early days as a religious feast, Saint Patrick’s Day has evolved into a worldwide celebration of Irish culture and, most importantly for some, a time to consume numerous alcoholic beverages.

Get into the Holiday Spirit

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Saint Patrick’s Day has, rightly or wrongly, entered popular culture as the holiday where people like to get sloshed (putting it mildly). While alcohol consumption does have a basis in the actual religious origins (Lenten restrictions are removed for the day), the party atmosphere of the holiday has since taken on a life of its own. Wherever there are people of Irish descent (and even places where there aren’t), revelers break out their booze, unoriginal Irish stereotypes (case in point, the image at the top of the page), and any green they can find in their closet. While it may not be the most culturally sensitive holiday in existence, it doesn’t take a rhode scholar to figure out why Saint Patrick’s Day has become so popular.

Discover Ireland with theCurrent

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In between the pints and feasting, it’s worth taking a bit of time to learn more about the homeland of Saint Patrick. If you haven’t already, you can learn about Irish history with our Profiles for both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. While it might be a bit late now, a trip to Ireland could be the most memorable way to get into the holiday spirit – so check out our Travel Guides (Republic | North). Of course, one of the most fascinating aspects of the holiday is how widely celebrated it is outside of the old country. For more on that, check out the top 6 places to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!

Enjoy the Festivities (Responsibly)

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No matter how you’re celebrating tonight (if that is the case), we hope you have a great (and safe) time! Remember that just because you’ve dyed your drink green, doesn’t make it any weaker – so don’t get ahead of yourself.

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