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16 Romantic Phrases from Around the World

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Love is universal but every language has its own unique way of expressing it. We’ve collected our top 16 goofy, romantic, quirky and cute romantic phrases from around the world. However long you’ve been with your special someone and whatever the dynamic in your relationship you’re sure to find something that sounds just right.

16.  Japanese: “tamago gata no kao “

Translation: “Egg with eyes”

It is thought that this slightly unusual phrase originates from the fact that an oval (ie egg shaped) face is traditionally considered beautiful in Japanese culture.

15. German: “Gummibaerchen”  

Translation: “Gummy bear”



German isn’t always associated with romance but this cute pet-name shatters that stereotype. Call your Valentine a gummi bear to let them know just how sweet they are.

14. French: “Petit chou”

Translation: “Little Cabbage”

Nothing says love like cabbage. Well, maybe not. But little cabbage is considered the French equivalent of sweetheart. Cabbages are small and round and the word – chou in French – is sometimes also used to describe a baby’s head.

13.  Portuguese: “meu coração”

Translation: “My heart”

A bit more dramatic than little cabbage or gummi bear, this Portuguese phrase lets your valentine know that you simply cannot live without them. If you have a flair for the melodramatic, or need to amend for some past mistake then this is probably for you.

12.  French: “ma puce”

Translation: “My Flea”

Calling your special someone a bloodsucker doesn’t always end well. If they protest then let them know that this French term really is a term of endearment… we think.

11. Chinese: “chén yú luò yàn”

Translation:  “Diving fish swooping geese”

At first this phrase might seem a little bizarre to English speakers, or possibly even like a martial arts movie (did anyone else immediately think of crouching tiger hidden dragon?) but it is actually one of the most romantic phrases on the list. This phrase is what is known as a Chengyu – sort of like an idiom – it can’t be literally translated.

In Chinese mythology there was once a woman who was so beautiful that fish would forget to swim and geese would forget to fly.

10.  Spanish: “Terron de azucar”

Translation: “Lump of sugar”


We have a lot of similar Romantic phrases in English – sweety, honey, sugar – but doesn’t it just sound so much better in Spanish?

9.  Thai: “Chang noi”

Translation: “Little Elephant”

To Thai people the elephant is a beloved national symbol with deep cultural significance. Enjoying explaining to your valentine that calling them an elephant is a good thing.

8.  Hungarian: “Kicsi bogarkam”  

Translation: “My little bug”

Bugs can be loveable too.

7.  Arabic: “yoon al ghrazaali”

Translation: “Eyes like a gazelle”


Look at that Gazelle. No explanation necessary.

6.  Danish: “Min Guldklump”

Translation: “My gold nugget”

They say a diamond is forever but gold is pretty great too. Depending on your special someone’s tastes, calling them a chicken nugget might be appreciated just as much.

5.  Swedish: “Sotnos”

Translation: “Sweet nose”

In English we might say that someone has a button nose and usually that person is cute. Calling your special someone sweet nose will let them knows how sweet they are… good one eh?

4.  Russian: “Moya Solnishka”

Translation: “My little sun”

They bring light to your life even when it is cloudy, so let your significant other know that they are your little sun –it  will brighten up their day.

3.  Flemish: “Mijn Bolleke”

Translation: “My little round thing”

It is probably best to use this phrase before your valentine has eaten an ungodly amount of chocolate otherwise it might be taken the wrong way.

2.  Persian: “Moosh bekhoradet”

Translation: “May a mouse eat you”


A traditional Persian term of endearment and one of the cutest romantic phrases we’ve ever heard!

1.  Dutch: “Mijn poepie”

Translation: “My little poop”

We saved the best for last. Depending on your significant other this affectionate term will get anything from an “eww” to an “aww”.


If you are spending Valentines Day without a valentine you might  appreciate these terms as well:

Italian: “cavoli riscaldati”

Translation: Reheated cabbage

Italy is often associated with romance, so Italians must know their romance. Cabbage is gross, reheated cabbage is even worse. Don’t reheat cabbage and don’t try to spark a new flame with an old lover.

If you are considering trying to start over with an ex then follow these simple instructions: 1) Cook some cabbage 2) let it cool 3) reheat the cabbage 4) eat it, eat that gross reheated cabbage and remember why you shouldn’t get back with your ex.

Swahili: “ndege wangu karuka mtini”

Translation: “My bird flew off the tree”

In Swahili rejection is often expressed with metaphors relating to flying birds. If you want to revel in your own self-pity this valentine’s day (a personal tradition of mine) then consider expressing your longing with this poetic phrase.

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