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8 Reusable Products Every Female Traveler Needs

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Every traveller has felt the guilt of using disposable products at one point or another. But with expensive baggage fees and limited room in your suitcase, travel-sized products can be very tempting despite the environmental impact. For women, this struggle can be even harder with the extra beauty products we use! Not to mention the fact that our regular products may not be accessible to buy overseas! Here are some great reusable products every female traveller should have.

Travel Shampoo Bottles

reusable products shampoo bottles

You can reuse hotel shampoo bottles you already have or buy new ones at any department store, then you just fill them with the shampoo and conditioner you already have in your shower! This will actually save you money (since travel-sized bottles are overpriced) and it will help you save the environment!

Cream Containers

reusable products cream containers

Same as shampoo bottles, you can buy or reuse little cream containers. Just refill with your make-up remover, night cream, sunscreen, toothpaste, and whatever else you might use!

TIP: TicTac containers are great for holding bobby pins, hair ties, earrings

Make-up Brush Cleaner and Brushes

reusable products makeup brushes

Silicone make-up cleaners are great for your brushes! Full disclosure: they don’t actually clean your brushes, they just take the make-up off them. So, you’ll still want to wash your brushes with soap and water when you can. However, it will let you re-use your brushes so you can ditch the cue-tips and apply your make-up without waste.

Menstrual Cup

reusable products menstral cup

This is an important one. Tampons and pads are impossible to get in some places and they take up a lot of space in your suitcase (not to mention the possibility of underestimating how many you need). Investing in a menstrual cup is one of the best travel hacks you could do for yourself. And since these cups are low-maintenance, you only need soap and water to clean it and it lasts years!

Water Bottle

reusable products coffee cup

Everyone should have a reusable water bottle by now, but it’s something a lot of people forget or choose not to take with them on vacation. If space is an issue, there are thin, foldable bottles you can buy. Or, you can fill your bottle up with your toiletries, socks, or other small things you’re already packing so it takes up less room in your suitcase.

TIP: You’ll probably want one for the flight anyway! Bring it empty in your carry-on!

Shopping Bags

reusable products shopping bags

Chances are, at some point in your vacation, you’ll go shopping. One or two reusable grocery bags will go a long way to reducing your waste. You can fold them up and keep them in your purse or pocket without taking up too much space.

Utensils and Straws

reusable products utensils

If you love hiking and being outside, reusable straws and utensils are not only often inaccessible, but these small, disposable plastics are making up a big portion of the world’s litter. Keep your picnic green with reusable utensils and straws – they don’t take up that much room and there are lots of material and design options.

Laundry Washing Bag

reusable products laundry bag

Products like the Scrubba let you wash your clothes anywhere! So you can pack lighter, save money at the laundromat, and wash your clothes on vacation! It folds down and deflates so it doesn’t take up too much room in your suitcase – plus you won’t need as much room since you don’t need to pack as many clothes. This can reduce your baggage fee and cut down on carbon emissions. When you need to wash something, just throw it in the bag with soap and water and rub the bag!

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