Man Hands Out Resumes at Train Station

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Last year, Alfred Ajani handed out hundreds of resumes at Waterloo Station in London, England in a desperate attempt to find work. The 22 year old graduated from Coventry University in 2014 with a marketing degree but after applying to countless jobs Ajani still couldn’t find employment. In desperation he took a less conventional approach.

A Viral Resume

Ajani stood in Waterloo train station – one of the worlds busiest – wearing a suit and holding a sign with his qualifications. Soon his efforts paid off, prospective employers and media outlets in England took note and Ajani’s unique approach went viral. His message and his resume spread across the internet.

Competition for jobs is fiercer than ever but Anjani’s fearless approach set him apart from the crowd. Within months the ambitious marketer had found a job with The Asoria Group – a recruitment company. Remarkably, Ajani then returned to the same spot which he had stood months earlier, this time holding a very different sign.


Ajani gave an interview to Huffington Post in which he said, “I didn’t expect to be so popular, such an inspiration.” In an interview with PCMS group he went on to say:

“I am really interested in engaging in self-promotion activities and encouraging passive jobs seekers to get active….Advice I would give to graduates: Don’t be scared; safe is risky. Be ready to promote yourself and your ideas. It only has to work once for it to be a success” 

Ajani’s advice is applicable to more than just recent graduates. We could all learn to take a few more risks and promote our selves a little bit more.

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