Rent Your Own Apartment on Vacation

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Renting an apartment could save you money and give you the experience of a lifetime!

If you think that renting an apartment sounds a lot more expensive than booking a hotel room you might be surprised! More and more astute travellers are saving money while increasing their comfort by renting apartments.

If you’re tired of booking cramped hotel rooms, want a bit more style and comfort or prefer a more authentic experience, renting an apartment might be for you!

You don’t have to break the bank

Renting an apartment can save you money. This is especially true when you are travelling with a family. Instead of paying for multiple rooms and extra hotel charges you usually pay a flat fee. Renting a multiple room apartment with some close friends can cut costs further and create a more social experience.

A homier feel

Apartments also have more room and a homier feel.  Access to a kitchen means that you have the option of a nice, healthy home-cooked meal wherever you are. Access to a dinner table, desk or other workspace can make a huge difference for the busy professional. And who doesn’t like a cozy couch to fall into after a busy day!

An authentic experience

Renting provides you with a more authentic experience. Whether in London, New York, Paris or Vancouver renting feels more relaxing and less hectic than a hotel.


Start planning now!

It’s usually easier to book a hotel than an apartment. While there are a lots of familiar hotel chains to choose from all over the world, booking an apartment takes a bit more research. You have to know what neighborhood you want to be in, what amenities you expect (do you need a washer and dryer? How about a microwave?), transportation options and more. Remember to find out as much information as possible and don’t take anything for granted.

Use trusted websites and remember to read customer reviews! Try and find websites that offer refunds and remember that if something sounds like a scam and looks like a scam, then it’s probably a scam – trust your instincts!

Don’t rent an apartment for a short vacation

Not every vacation is suited to renting an apartment. If you’re only staying in a city for a few days then renting an apartment probably won’t be worth the hassle. An apartment may lack certain services and the extra room and comfort don’t matter as much during a short stay. For a short stay booking a hotel might be less expensive, besides some apartments can’t be rented for less than 5 days anyway.  If you’re planning on staying for a week or more, renting an apartment is a great way to make sure your vacation is as memorable as can be.


So next time you have an extended stay abroad, keep an open mind and check out apartments to rent! Once you have a destination in mind check out these resources: VRBO; HomeAway; Airbnb; TripAdvisor. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not try couchsurfing! If you’re looking for other ways to save money on a European getaway, click here.

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