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Introducing Rate Watch!

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We here at Continental Currency Exchange are very proud to announce our innovative new free Rate Watch. With Rate Watch you’ll be able to find and track market rates for all major and rare currencies, monitor your spending and more.

**DISCLAIMER: Rate Watch is based on mid-market exchange rates (a mid point between the Buy and Sell Rate) and as such are only indications of our actual buy or sell rates. Exchange rates will vary and should not be used as a direct representation of current Continental Currency Exchange rates.

For current exchange rates, please call or visit your nearest Continental branch or visit FXtoGO at order.continentalcurrency.ca to order your currency online.

Save Money

Save money by tracking currency trends and buying at the right time. According to an insider, “We hope that by allowing clients to track the currency they want to exchange, Rate Watch will help save them even more money. Once it’s in their pocket, they can track how much they’re spending with the Currency Converter.”

Long Term Currency Tracking

Track currency trends over a day, a week, a month, 6 months, a year or longer. Compare exchange rates between currencies and watch live as rates change. Use rate watch to get a better understanding of long and short term currency trends, and make an informed decision when you choose to buy your currency.

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SMS, Email and Phone Notifications

You will also be able to sign up to receive free SMS, email and phone notifications to keep up to date on all the currencies of your choice at no cost and with no commitment. All you have to do is sign up (for FREE) and you’re good to go! Once you get the rate you want, you can sign into your account and unsubscribe from further emails…no hassle.

Free and No Commitment

Providing you with more than just great rates and great service is part of the Continental philosophy. That’s why we are making our foreign currency Rate Watch available to you at no cost, with no download or registration required.

Buy Currency Online

Our FX Rate Watch (and Currency Converter) is part of our new website which also includes the option to buy currency online, safely, and securely with low cost delivery (or pickup). So you’ll be able to view the long term exchange rate, receive notifications on the go, wait for the rate you want and buy your currency – all without ever having to leave your home! Get started HERE.  #nopantsrequired

Learn more about Continental Currency Exchange’s Rate Watch HERE then try it for free HERE! Want your currency now? Buy online HERE!

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