Super Bowl? Checkout the Puppy Bowl!

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For the last 11 years Animal Planet has offered up an adorable alternative to the Super Bowl. Teams of  puppies from shelters across the United States battle it out in GEICO Stadium to prove once and for all which team is cutest in the Puppy Bowl.

This is the first year that the Puppy Bowl has used a team format. Previous Puppy Bowls have been dog-eat-dog, every pup for his or her self. Puppy Bowl XI features Team Fluff VS Team Ruff. As always the kitty half-time show dazzled audiences and the goat cheerleaders’s acrobatics rivalled anything on the gridiron. “Meep the Bird”, Animal Planets feathered reporter, tweeted the game live. Puppy Bowl XI even saw a streaker! Points are scored when a pup brings a toy to the correct endzone or kicks it through the goalposts. Of course there is a referee to make sure that the pups play nice, don’t bark too much and that the Puppy Bowl doesn’t turn into a “Poopy Bowl” – a direct quote from the referee. 

Adopt a Shelter Puppy

The Puppy Bowl isn’t just about winning. It showcases pups that are living in animal shelters across America or have been adopted from a shelter. Adopting a shelter puppy is a fantastic alternative to pet-stores or breeders as it gives animals a new chance at finding a happy home. The Puppy Bowl proves that just because a puppy is from a shelter doesn’t mean they aren’t adorable and playful.

One star of this year’s Puppy Bowl was Enzo, a shelter puppy who found a loving home:

Which team won the big game and which puppy took home the coveted MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) award? Watch the highlights of this titanic encounter on the Animal Planet website!

But first get yourself prepared for the big game by watching the pre-game show:

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