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The Continental Privilege Card

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Looking for an easy, hassle free way to save even more money on your exchange? Look no further than Continental Currency Exchange’s FREE Privilege membership! If you’re not already a member, read on to find out what you’re missing out on. And if you are, well read on and make sure you haven’t missed out on any opportunities to save even more money on your exchange!

Really, More Savings?

We know… We’ve already helped you save money on your exchange by teaching you about the benefits of buying before you fly. But we thought to ourselves, there’s no way anyone is sick of saving money… So let’s teach them about the best part of being a Continental client, the Privilege membership.

Created by our staff as a way to reward our valued clients, the privilege membership takes savings to the next level by removing any service fees on all cash transactions, lowering prices on services like international payments and wires, and by providing even better (than our guaranteed best) exchange rates! The Privilege program is our way to give back to you, our clients, because for over 25 years it has been our ‘privilege’ to serve you.

What is the Privilege Card?

The Continental Privilege Card or “Priv” Card for short, allows you to get the most out of your exchange and take more money with you wherever you go. As a member you save time and money on your exchange, enjoy lower prices on services, get rid of fees and as an added bonus you’ll receive special offers where you can win goodies, prizes and money (all optional of course)! You can become a Privilege member for free by simply visiting one of our branches.

Benefits of the Privilege Card

Let’s break down the 6 major benefits of being a Privilege member:

1. EXCLUSIVE exchange rates on all currencies

We already offer the best rates in town, but now we’re taking your savings to the next level! As a Privilege member, you’ll receive some of the best possible exchange rates giving you more savings on every transaction on over 160 currencies bought and sold immediately — with no limits on your exchange.

2. No service charges on all cash transactions

We all know how frustrating it can be to purchase something only to find out later there are extra fees. While our service charges are some of the lowest in the industry, our Privilege cardholders will never miss out on any savings. That’s because all Privilege members pay NO service charges on any cash transaction, ever.

3. Reduced fees on all wires, drafts, and money transfers

Sending money wirelessly may seem easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Regardless of your “Priv” status, at Continental we take care of you, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket with our low-NO fee promise on all services. As a”Priv” member you’ll enjoy lower fees on all products and services. So whether you need to transfer money, buy a house overseas, or pay international tuition, mortgages, and credit card bills, you’ll be able to do it for less and put more money where it belongs.

4. Exclusive access to special offers and pricing

Just like with our even better exchange rates, Privilege cardholders will receive special offers on any of our products and services! In addition, be on the lookout for privilege member exclusive promotions and cash/prize giveaways!


Become a Privilege Member today and SAVE!

How do I get my “Priv” card?

To become a Privilege member, all you have to do is visit a Continental Currency Exchange branch with a valid piece of photo ID. That’s it. The best part is that becoming a “Priv” member is absolutely FREE!

And just to give you some additional peace of mind, Continental Currency Exchange will never rent, sell, or give away your information. So as a Privilege member you can feel safe and secure, and save more money on your exchange.

Becoming a Privilege member will save you money on your next trip, give you useful tools to plan your financial future, and above all… it’s FREE! Find our where your nearest branch is HERE, and sign up today.

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