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The Benefits of Travelling with a Prepaid MasterCard

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Using a prepaid MasterCard has many benefits – travelling with one has even more! Using prepaid credit cards for travelling is a safe, reliable, and convenient option for any traveller on any trip.

It’s Safe

If your prepaid Mastercard is stolen, the thief can only spend the amount which was loaded onto it. Plus if you register it beforehand, that money may be able to be recovered. Since prepaid cards are in no way attached to your bank account or identity, you don’t have to worry about any of your information being stolen or the thief blowing through your life’s savings. Prepaid Mastercards give you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to safety.

It Helps You Budget

It’s easy to stick to a budget when you have no other choice – which is what prepaid Mastercards allow you to do! Since you load the card before your trip, you give yourself a clear limit and won’t end up spending money you don’t have like you could with a regular credit card. You could buy multiple cards (one for each day) and limit yourself that way, or easily track your spending online. Prepaid cards are the ultimate budget aids for the spending-conscious traveller.

It’s Easy

With the Tap & GO feature, shopping has never been easier. Spend less time at the counting your cash at the checkout and more time enjoying your vacation!

Secure and Reliable

Prepaid Mastercards are the perfect choice for online shopping or payments so you can use your prepaid card to book your hostel from your phone before you arrive, pay for your concert tickets, bus tour, or whatever tourist attraction you want without any worry.

It’s the Perfect Christmas Present

If you’re a travel junkie and all you really want for Christmas this year is a vacation, ask Santa and your loved ones to give you a prepaid Mastercard to help make your wanderlust possible.

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