Why You Should Preorder Currency

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We’ve already taken a look at how buying your currency before you arrive at the airport can save you money, but the savings don’t stop there. Recently we here at Continental have been at the heart of a growing trend that’s made buying currency more convenient, more exciting, and provided a greater opportunity for saving money.


At Continental, we’re committed to preordering as a way to better serve our clients. Each year more and more people do it, and they continue to do it because of the convenience, savings, and flexibility it gives them. Read on to find out exactly what the benefits are to preordering currency, and why it might be the best option for you!

Preordering and Reserving

You can pre-order and reserve your currency either over the phone or in person, whatever is the most convenient for you. When you pre-order, there is no money exchanged – you’re simply placing an order and reserving your currency for later. Note that while many currencies can be reserved, some of the more uncommon ones may not be ordered in large quantities. In the end, it is up to the Continental branch staff when it comes to what can be held on to. Be sure to ask when you call or go in!

Pre-ordering ensures that the amount of currency you want is available on the date you need it. By pre-ordering, you won’t have to worry about anything. We’ll make sure that your money is set aside and ready to go long before you need it.

How do I preorder my currency?

Ordering your currency is easy!

1. Call or visit your local Continental Currency Exchange branch.

2. Reserve one or multiple currencies and request specific denominations (if required).

3. Determine the date that you want to pick up your currency (If the currency or denominations are not in stock, we recommend at least 2 business days in the future).

4. Return at your convenience (on or after the specified date) to pick up your currency/currencies and complete the transaction. [Don’t forget to bring your receipt!]

5. Enjoy your trip!

Benefits Of Preordering

1. Convenience

By placing your order ahead of time, picking up your currency will be that much easier. Even though you haven’t paid yet, your currency will be ready to go – letting you get on your way faster!

2. Peace of Mind

You can rest easy knowing that your currency will be in stock when you come to pick it up. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll have exactly what you need ready to go!

3. Request your denominations

Depending on where you’re going you may prefer to bring smaller or larger bills with you. A lot of the time, travellers will need 1’s in order to tip, and 100’s for security. If you order ahead of time, this may allow you to specify whatever makeup of bills that you want. (Although we cannot guarantee specific denominations, we will always do our very best to accommodate your needs).

4. Particular requests

Going along with #3, depending on where you’re going some countries may have restrictions on currencies. They may request that you bring brand new, undamaged bills only, and if you bring anything else they won’t be accepted. By ordering ahead of time, we can make sure that any country specific request is met, and even help you make sure you haven’t forget about one.

5. The Fast Cash fast lane

If you pre-order your currency, you’ll be able to use the exclusive Fast Cash fast lane. It’s your own designated line with a personal FXpert (Foreign Exchange Expert) that will help you finish your transaction and get you on your way to that dream vacation faster than ever before. The Fast Cash fast lane is coming soon to our Oshawa Shopping Centre branch before being rolled out everywhere this April.

Saving you time and money

So next time you’re planning on travelling abroad, make sure you get the currency you want in the denominations you need. Combined with our guaranteed best exchange rates, preordering ensures you the savings and experience you expect.  Whatever your currency needs, give us a call or visit one of our branches to order your currency today.


We carry over 160 currencies on hand, ready to be bought and sold immediately (or reserved), at the best exchange rates guaranteed. And if you find a better exchange rate in our local market that we can verify, we’ll beat it! It’s as easy as that.

Visit to find your nearest branch today. Don’t forget to ask about our Privilege or VIP card for even better exchange rates and no service charge.

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