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OneCard: The Perfect Study And Travel Buddy

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OneCard is revolutionary for every type of traveller, especially so for students. OneCard doubles as your new study and travel buddy – making it the best payment option for students.


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The question on most students’ minds when considering any payment option (or anything in general, really), is “is it affordable?” At $1.00/month, OneCard is one of the lowest-cost products of its kind! With free transfers between different currency accounts and other OneCards, low ATM fees, better conversion rates, and Continental’s best exchange rates, OneCard is the most affordable option for students (and everyone).

Family Sharing

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OneCard’s easy family sharing capabilities make it easy for parents to transfer funds to their kid’s account. Whether a parent wants to top up their study-abroad university student’s wallet or track, monitor, and allocate funds to their high school student on exchange, OneCard has family sharing covered.

Since transferring money between OneCards is free and easy, it’s never been more convenient to pay back your friends and family abroad.

It’s Safe

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Travelling and living abroad can be stressful. It is hard enough adjusting to a new environment without being paranoid of pickpockets, thieves, and your own forgetful self. If your OneCard is lost or stolen, you can easily freeze your funds using the app on your phone, or by logging in through the website.

OneCard is triple protected with PIN, chip, and mag-stripe technology. The three-tier identification process (PIN, phone password, and website/app password) makes OneCard an incredibly secure card.

Foreign Banking

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OneCard can act as a domestic or foreign bank account. If you’re working while on exchange, your employer can directly deposit funds into your OneCard account, so there’s no need to pay a bank and set up an international account.

Setting up Pre-Authorized Debit and Deposit is easy, so you can make regular foreign payments like a local. PAD is free to use and ensures your rent will never be late!

Domestic Banking

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When you get home from your study-abroad or vacation, you don’t have to worry about closing a foreign bank account or having extra cash in a currency you no longer need. You can simply exchange it back to Canadian dollars and spend it at home!

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