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Great Apps For Travellers That Work Without Service

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No matter where or how you travel, you’re never guaranteed to have as much Wi-Fi or service as you’re used to at home. Whether you want to kill time while in transit, keep organized on the go, or get work done, here are some apps that may be useful when you don’t have service.


Outlook App

While you won’t be able to send or receive new emails, the Outlook app allows you to download emails and read them offline. You can also link Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, and iCloud to your Outlook account so you can reference all your saved emails while offline.

Gmail and Google Drive

Like Outlook, the Gmail app lets you download and access old emails. Similarly, you’re able to set up Google Docs offline. Any changes you make to a document while offline will be saved and updated when you’re back online. Anyone sharing your drive (aka your boss) won’t be able to check on your progress since it won’t update until you have service – but all your work is saved so you can work on vacation (if you really want to).


Similar to Outlook and Gmail, you can still access your task boards and all the information saved there. And like the Drive, you can make updates, assign tasks, and reply to threads offline which will update once you have service again.


Pocket let’s you save articles to read later when you’re offline. You can download the app on your phone or browser so you can read on whatever device you prefer. Pocket could easily be in either the “business” or “pleasure” category, depending why and what you’re reading. It’s perfect for students or professionals doing research or for someone looking to pass the time with entertaining articles.


Netflix/Prime Video

There’s no better way to kill time in transit than binging a series or watching a movie, right? Both Netflix and Prime Video have download options so you can watch offline. The only catch is that you have to download beforehand.

Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon Music

Again, download your music while you have service and listen all you want offline. Of these music apps, Spotify has an edge because you can also download and listen to lots of audiobooks and podcasts instead of just music.


Download all the audiobooks you need on Audible and access them without service. Likewise, Kindle lets you download ahead of time so you can read ebooks anywhere.


There are tons of game apps that work without data. Some time-killing favourites are Flow, 4 Picks 1 Word, Temple Run, Angry Birds, Sudoku…and countless more! You can also buy more elaborate games like Minecraft or other PC games you may already play.  


Google Maps

Before you travel, take advantage of Google Maps download feature. You can download an entire area or city map that is accessible offline when you get lost!


AccuWeather lets you download a 15-day forecast and access it offline – so you’re covered for your whole 2-week vacation. However, since weather is constantly changing, any weather app is really just a guide – so plan your outings accordingly and take the forecast with a grain of salt.

Google Translate

Translate without an internet connection when you download a language from Google Translate. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can use your camera lens to read signs, menus, and notices in another language. Pretty handy, right?


Your calendar app is one of the most underrated and underused apps. You can use it without any service or data connection. Add your entire itinerary in your calendar – including times, addresses, and all the info you need and get notifications to keep you on schedule.



No one walks more than someone on vacation – so don’t leave your Fitbit at home! However, your Fitbit won’t sync until you have a connection again.


There are lots of meditation apps to choose from. Many travellers love meditation to help with travel anxiety or trouble sleeping. Simple Habit, Calm, Headspace, and others all have options to download meditations and listen while offline.

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