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Travel Faster with the NEXUS Border Card

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The NEXUS is a trusted traveler program designed to speed up crossing the U.S.-Canada border – for those trusted travelers, of course. The program is a joint effort between the Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. It works at land borders and in airports. Once you apply and are approved, you’re able to save tons of time at airports by using self-serve NEXUS kiosks at several international airports, enjoy expedited clearance through security lines at select airports, and use the “pre-check” lines at participating airports. Likewise, at land border crossings, there are dedicated vehicle lanes for a simplified entry process.

Who can apply for Nexus

NEXUS travel card

Although the approval process is rather lengthy, it is simple and affordable. Applicants must pay a $50.00 non-refundable application fee. Eligible applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada or the U.S., or be a Mexican national who is a member of the Viajero Confiable program. You must prove you’re a citizen or resident with the appropriate documentation (like a passport, birth certificate, citizenship card, Indian Status card, permanent resident card, or work permit. To see a full list, click here). You must also provide proof of residency, again with appropriate documentation (like a driver’s licence, or any document with your current address on it like a bill or bank statement). In addition, you must provide accurate and complete information on the application, never violate customs, agriculture or immigration law, and have not committed any serious criminal offences.

How to apply

Once you’ve figured out whether you qualify, you must complete the application, and pay the fee. Alternatively, applications can be printed and mailed. Finally, when your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted for an interview to finalize the process. Your interview will include a review of the information on your application and confirm it is still correct (for example, verifying you haven’t changed addresses since you applied), verify your identity and documents, ensure you meet the eligibility requirements, and take your fingerprints. If you’re accepted, the officer will then explain the terms and conditions of NEXUS, take a photo of your irises (to verify your identity each time at Canadian airport kiosks), take a photo of your face for the card, explain the Traveller Declaration Card process, explain how to cross the border using air, land, and marine transportation with your NEXUS card, how to use the kiosks, and inform you of inspection processes at the border.

Enjoy Your Trip!

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Got all that? As mentioned, applying for Nexus can be a lengthy process. However, for the frequent traveler, it is well-worth the time savings and convenience it will give you. The $50.00 fee and process get you five years of premium border crossing experiences.

With your NEXUS card you’ll be on your way to your next adventure faster than ever!

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