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Happy New Year!

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So it’s that time again – where we say goodbye to one year and welcome in the next. As always, the most common way to do this is with a party! So whether it’s an overpriced night out to somewhere you usually go on weekends anyways or watching a massive ball drop in Manhattan, we hope you’re having a safe and enjoyable (or at least tolerable) New Year’s Eve and a great New Year’s Day!

Looking Back

Don’t worry, we’ll spend plenty of time in the next few weeks tooting our own horn as we move forward into the new year – so you don’t have to sit through much of that right now. We’ve travelled the world, looked to our local communities, and generally gone on some pretty neat excursions. You might have noticed that our regular ‘Country of the Week’ feature hasn’t been around for a bit (or maybe you didn’t notice, but either way it hasn’t been). But don’t worry…now that we’ve covered over 100 of our favourite countries, we’ve got some big plans for all our past adventures coming up! But enough about us (because again, more time for that later). We hope your 2017 has been good and, if not, that the new year affords a chance to start fresh as the cliché goes.

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Washing away the old

Looking Ahead

So what do we have in store for 2018? Well first and foremost we’ll reshuffle our travel content (guides, profiles, and currency spotlights) into a new, improved, and definitive database. Beyond that, while the blog will continue well into the future, you may find theCurrent directly on our main webpage – meaning everything Continental will be much easier to find as it’ll all be in one place! As far as it goes for you, try some new things or make a resolution (or several). You’ll be thankful you did this time next year when you’re probably sitting here reading a very similar article.

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Looking towards the future


Let’s face it, you’re probably already in party mode and don’t have the time for silent reflection on the past and future right now. Fair enough. Going out or staying in, we hope it’s a New Year’s Eve and Day to remember and once you’ve recovered, theCurrent will still be right here waiting for you.

Stay informed. Stay Current.